Your Story


Who writes your story?

Fate? The societal narrative? Unconscious expectations? Unseen powerful forces?

Or, you yourself, the awakened, aware, purpose-filled and intentional self?

There is an uprising of caring and committed, passionate and purposeful people taking place.
People with vision and gumption.
People who believe they can create personal success and transform the world.
People who believe they can live an extraordinary life.

These are the people writing their own scripts.
They are writing a new narrative instead of living the old disempowering storyline.
They feel empowered. They have a certain magnetic energy. They have charisma. They have a voice. They have stepped out of the ordinary and are living an extraordinary life. 

You, too, have it in you to live an extraordinary life.
Like most people, you have probably been programmed since childhood to be ordinary
and to live a normal life with average expectations; but you can choose at any time to opt out of mediocrity and become exceptional. Become a self-actualized human being.

Self-actualized people live more fulfilling, creative, contributory and successful lives than those who do not undertake the journey into self-awareness. Plus, they get to play a much bigger game than most human beings.

Once upon a time, you were not here. Now you are. Somehow that happened. Sure, I know that sperm fertilized egg to make zygote and then it kept dividing and multiplying until your body was formed and you slid out the birth canal to show up on planet earth. That is how you were enabled to get a body to hang out here with the rest of us and to experience this journey; but how did the you that inhabits your body show up? And why?

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Leslie is the author of several books including the world-famous DELFIN Trilogy (The Initiation, The Journey, The Quest), Alexandra’s DragonFire, The Master Key and Your Prosperity Paradigm. His many articles about success creation have been published on hundreds of websites.

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