Your Place of Power


Your real place of power is not your castle surrounded by a moat and protected by cannons facing the unknown imagined threats to your well being.

Your real place of power is not your bank vault piled high with gold, silver and diamonds or the ledger that catalogues all these trinkets.

Your real place of power is not your magnificent, gym built, cosmetic surgery enhanced body covered with designer labeled textiles.

Your real place of power is that invisible, intangible place inside you that connects to the ineffable, infinite source of all that is.

Your real power is universal power expressed through you. The greater your connection to the universal source of all that is, the greater is your personal power.

Your real power is your ability to choose how and what to think; your ability to choose how and why to feel; you ability to choose what to believe; your ability to conceptualize an ideal and your ability to choose to commit to that ideal.

Your real power is being able to create ideals in your imagination and being able to desire in your heart the effectuation of your ideals with a complete faith and expectation in their reality that comes from an innate knowingness of your ultimate abundance that springs from your intimate relationship with the divine source of all things.

The 3 best ways to build and enhance your very own real place of power are:

1) Expand your mind. Feed empowering information into your conscious and subconscious. Focus your thoughts. Spend time in daily meditation.

2) Expand your heart. Be grateful. Love yourself. Love life. Enjoy yourself. Extend your compassion to the rest of creation.

3) Expand your spirit. Honour the sacredness of all things, most especially your own self. Shine your light. Be a blessing.

The Wealth Formula for those who really, really desire wealth…

Sure, anyone who has ever studied the science (or art) of building wealth knows that you can, over a lifetime, build some serious wealth by following one simple formula…

“Earn as much as you can; spend less than you earn; invest to create passive income.”

That’s the simple stuff; the kindergarten, if you will, of wealth education.

Real wealth, rapid wealth, massive wealth, requires more advanced education.

Since most folks don’t even apply the kindergarten education, it is no surprise that most do not bother to acquire any advanced education, let alone apply it.

For those who do want to step ‘out of the norm’, which as we all know is mediocrity, I offer here my advanced wealth formula… same formula… earn + save + invest = wealth; but with a little more insight into the metaphysical principles that lie behind all wealth, indeed, behind all creation.


Earn by contributing: You’ve heard it before. Sow to reap. Get what you give. Karma. Reciprocity. However you may choose to call it, the principle is simple… the more that you contribute, the more you gain in return. The more value you can create, the more valuables you get to have.

Earn by creating: Most people are not originators; they are duplicators and imitators. They therefore get what most have. Want more? Be original. Get creative. Create value; receive valuables.

Earn by caring: Become passionate. Believe in the sacred. Who you are, what you do and what you have is sacred. So is all else. Act that way and the source of all will reward you accordingly. You can be rewarded in the here and now. Don’t postpone your reward.

Earn by committing: Develop ideals and commit 100% to them. Persist until they are made manifest. Spend your life being and doing as if it were all worthwhile.


Save your time: Have a plan. You know this. Have written goals. Get specific. Develop a plan for your life. If you cannot develop a life plan that drives you every day, then find someone who has a plan you can believe in and follow it.

Save or conserve or direct your energy: Have a purpose. A life without purpose is a life of no purpose. Simple, huh? Want life to be more meaningful. Create meaning. Develop a purpose. Act intentionally.

Save your spirit: Affirm your worthiness. Self-esteem is crucial. Know your worth. Know what’s funny? You are worth whatever you decide you are worth.

Save yourself: Affirm your readiness. Be willing to receive the abundance that awaits you. Demonstrate your readiness to have more by becoming more. Demonstrate your readiness to receive more by appreciating what you already have.


Invest in you: What pays the greatest dividends? An investment in self. The more that you are, the more you can contain or possess. Grow. Grow. When you stop growing, you start dying. Examine how you spend your time and money. I’d be willing to bet a fortune that you spend more on destructive, wasteful things than you do on becoming more.

Invest in world: Demonstrate your worthiness by being one who makes a difference. The universal is constantly seeking the most effective way to become and create more. Be an effective channel and abundance will flow through you.

Invest in now: Be present. Be a present, a gift. The past is your foundation, but there is no need to live in the basement. Now is all you will ever have. Give it your all.

Invest in future: The future is what you make it. Imagine, create, move forward with purpose and intent. Believe in you. Believe in the future you imagine. Invest yourself in that idealization.

The how of life may be complex; but the why of life is simple; it is to revere, to relish and to contribute. Your true wealth is not measured by what you are able to accumulate, but by what you are enabled to contribute. Amplify your personal power. Contribute. 


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Leslie is the author of several books including the world-famous DELFIN Trilogy (The Initiation, The Journey, The Quest), Alexandra’s DragonFire, The Master Key and Your Prosperity Paradigm. His many articles about success creation have been published on hundreds of websites.

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