The Game Changer Has Arrived!

Rarely does a category changing product come along. When it does, the world changes.

Cell phones existed before the iPhone; but the iPhone was a game changer and we all know now how the world has been transformed in the ten years since Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone.

Just as Apple  & the iPhone changed all our lives, World Global Network & the HELO will do the same.

Yes, there are other pieces of wearable tech out there. However, the Helo Wellness Wearable family is the game changing technology
that will, like the iPhone, transform the world.

Watch the 3 minute video below and you will get a glimpse of what is in the process of taking the world by storm.

And to get a glimpse of the scope of what is offered, watch this four minute video.

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However, there is SO much more to this story. And, it could include you…

I waited 17 years for this moment to arrive!

Many people know that back in 1995, I created the Delfin business that grew to 25,000+ distributors around the world and sold over $75 million of products.

In the 17 years since the Delfin years, I have been pitched on about 200 Network Marketing companies and have seriously looked at about 20. Many had great products. Many had good people involved. And yet, I could not get truly passionate about any of them. The timing was not right for me.

Then out of the blue, a magic moment arrived.  An old dear friend from the Delfin days sent me a video like the one above and I knew this was the game changer that would transform both my life and the whole Network Marketing industry. I was ignited. Goosebumps.

There is this perfect feeling when you know for certain that you are in the right place at the right time. You have felt it. You know what I am talking about. Life goes from shades of grey to technicolor. 

This is so good, there are NO hyperboles.

  • Game changing, life enhancing technology standing alone in a marketplace crowded with competing products.
  • World Global Network is the FIRST company to release a wearable device (HeloLX) that accurately measures blood pressure and takes ECG readings.
  • WGN is also the first company to produce a product (Helo Extense) that NON-invasively measures blood sugar trend levels.
  • WGN is also the first company to have a Class 1 medical device (BioZen) scientifically proven to reduce the harmful effects of eletro-smog.
    Go here for more info.BioZen
  • WGN is at the cutting edge of the wearable technology market predicted to become a multi billion $ industry.
  • AAA+ rated publicly listed company.
  • Voted #1 product in Direct Sales Industry.
  • Record breaking industry incomes earned in 1st year of business.

If, like me, you felt the fire and understand that you too are now in the right place at the right time and IF you truly desire to create success for yourself AND others, then email me.

This is truly your moment… the one you have been waiting for.  Connect now!  I will assist you in creating your own success story.

If you want to watch a video about this golden opportunity by a guy who went from Uber driver to millionaire in his first year, click here.

I am a proud World Global Network Distributor. I am a World Changer. Join me.