Turning a Blind Eye


There exists a small but growing number of people that commonly gets called idealists or activists. They think that they not only can, but must, do something to change the world. They feel compelled to speak out and to take action to right the many wrongs that plague our world.

The biggest problem that is faced by those few caring and committed folks who want to improve the world or elevate the lives of their fellow human beings is not actually the problems they wish to right or even those who actively work to denigrate the world or subjugate peoples.

The biggest problem faced by idealists is those everyday human beings living everyday lives who choose to turn a blind eye to the various and sundry evils perpetrated by those relatively few psychopaths who, motivated by power and greed, wage wars, desecrate the environment and debase their fellow human beings.

I understand that many people are overwhelmed by scope of the problems that exist and prefer to trust that those who put themselves out as leaders will work to solve at least some of the problems. I sympathize with those who feel personally powerless to effectuate change in the face of the constant barrage of complex geopolitical crises. I get that, even though many recognize that the system is inherently corrupt, their own lives have a certain level of comfort and sense of security; and so they see no reason to rock the boat and risk losing what little prosperity they have managed to secure by working within the system.

I can see why they choose to turn a blind eye when passing a homeless person on the city street as they walk to work; or pretend not to see when an Israeli helicopter gunship shoots Palestinian kids for sport while those kids are playing soccer on the beach; or ignore when police brutalize peaceful protestors of corporate malfeasance; or retreat into complete denial when presented with evidence of pure evil being perpetrated by society’s political elite.

It takes a combination of compassion and courage to look with both eyes wide open. It takes courage to speak out. It takes even more courage to actually do something. Most folks are simply not courageous. And, sadly, most folks are so concerned with their own immediate needs, wants and desires that they have little room in their hearts and minds for the well-being of their fellow human beings. 

You will hear all kinds of excuses, rationalizations and attempts at reasoned argument to endeavour to explain why people do not speak out, why they choose not to act, why they are willing to turn a blind eye to the moral depravity of their political leaders, to the abhorrent actions of psychopathic corporatists, to the abomination of wars for profit.

However, there is no valid excuse, no plausible rationalization, no rational argument that forgives or validates anyone’s refusal to to become awake, aware and active. Those who turn a blind eye are as complicit in the evil as the actual perpetrators. There is no escape from that truism. Turning a blind eye will never absolve you and there is no use in pretending that it will. Ignorance is not bliss; and intentional ignorance is purposeful complicity.

I recognize that not everyone can be standing on the front line. I know that not everyone has the ability to stand up in public to decry an injustice. I understand that not everyone has the freedom to devote full time to being an activist. I know that we all need to take time to nurture ourselves and families and many can only be part time idealists because of the practicalities of life.

But everyone can refuse to turn a blind eye. Everyone can dare to look at the injustices. Everyone, including you, can choose to, not stand aside, but take a moral stand for what is both right and necessary for, not just the upliftment of humanity, but the salvation of your world, your fellow creatures who inhabit this planet and, ultimately, your own soul.

It is time for each of us (and yes, that means you) to become a real human being, to take an ethical and moral stand, to become a warrior, to speak out and to act in whatever way you feel called to act to enlighten and empower your fellow human beings to be free of the evils inflicted by those few morally bankrupt, greedy, power mad psychopaths who wage criminal wars, ravage the planet, sacrifice children on the altars of their lustful egomania and demand that you be a compliant consumer of their false narrative.

Some who read this will turn that blind eye to what I’ve just said. Will you? Or will you join the growing number of courageous and compassionate people who have chosen to become spiritual warriors.

This is a follow up piece to a previous post I wrote some time back called The Great Spiritual Delusion. Read it here.


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