Top Five Reasons I Like Trump


I have been inspired,  no – goaded into writing this piece, by my Facebook friends and followers who have asked me how I could possibly be a Donald Trump supporter as some of my posts imply.

I normally write about personal empowerment, self-actualization, spirituality, metaphysics, creating and living a successful and fulfilling life. So, the question they posed to me is… how could someone who calls himself an empowerment agent and apparently holds higher ideals come out in support of someone they find abhorrent.

I wanted to give the best possible answer, so I gathered my thoughts and I hereby present my top five reasons for liking Donald Trump followed by the top five things I do NOT like about him.

There are more reasons I like Trump and more things I dislike about him, but I wanted to be as succinct as possible so that you would read it all.

One: He is the proverbial bull in the china shop.

Many of his most fervent supporters believe him to be on a deliberate mission to destroy the ‘Deep State’ or ‘Global Cabal’ and that all the pushback he is getting from the entrenched powers-that-be is proof of that premise.

I do not know his motivations and I have no way of telling if they are right or delusional in that belief. But, I can see that his unconventional, perhaps even radical, political and diplomatic words and deeds are very much analogous to the bull-in-a-china-shop metaphor.

Every time he turns around, he knocks a few more Royal Dalton figurines, Royal Albert teacups and Wedgwood plates crashing to floor – only to reveal, when smashed, that they are cheap knock offs – plastic imitations of the real thing. A twitch of his tail and the fine china everyone has so respected is revealed as fraudulent imposters.

Almost everyone can now see that the whole House of cards is filled with charlatans, hucksters and snake oil salesmen. That is a good thing. People are waking up to the fact that they have been defrauded by the system and the folks who represent the system.

So, even if he is not on a mission to destroy the Cabal, and is not deeply motivated to root out the endemic corruption in DC and Brussels and in various Capitals around the world, he is making it apparent to pretty much anyone who is willing to see that what is being revealed is ugly, evil and needs to be transformed.

Personally, I wish he would not just be breaking the china, I wish he would be smashing up the antique Queen Anne desk behind which the shop proprietors sit.

Two: He is a spiritual teacher.

The brilliant psychologist, Carl Jung, once wrote “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.” He also said, “The best political, social, and spiritual work we can do is to withdraw the projection of our shadow onto others.”

One of the very finest of things that Trump is doing is the spiritual work of revealing our own inner darkness to ourselves.

As a card carrying member of the ‘peace and love’ generation, and as a person who has personally been on a lifetime quest for self-realization and self-actualization, I have never encountered any guru, teacher or ascended master type who is as capable of revealing the inner darkness of so many people so adroitly.

Long time proponents and preachers of peace, including my fellow baby boomers, are being forced to face the hard cold fact that they have hard cold kernels of hatred buried deep in their hearts. It does not matter how self-righteous they think they are, or how much they say that it is merited, their hatred for Donald Trump is still just that – hatred – not the love they profess to honour above all human attributes.

And, with that ugly darkness of hatred being revealed, not just on an individual level, but on a societal level, perhaps, as Jung suggests, we can personally and collectively become a tad more enlightened. Trump offers us a deep spiritual teaching and, for that, I extend my love and respect.

Three: He is a truth teller.

Long before Trump uttered the phrase, ‘Fake News’, I was telling people to “turn off their television and turn on their inner vision”, to turn off their TV news and to stop buying into the false narrative spun by the mainstream media.

My little voice in the wilderness, no matter how many times I shouted out the message, has had limited impact. His bully pulpit and his repeated accusations that the legacy media is fake news has done more to wake people up to the reality that they are being lied to by the institutions they have been programmed to trust than I or anyone else has managed to accomplish.

People are learning to be discerning. When Trump calls out CNN, NBC, the New York Times and Washington post, amongst others, for being purveyors of falsehoods and propaganda, he demands the we become critical thinkers and look for alternative sources of information and opinion.

That empowers all of us to not just become free from the imposed narrative, but to find our own voices and to speak our own truth in the bold blunt way that he offers as an example. It is critically important that we stop relying upon authority to tell us what is real and important and start listening to each other. 

We have the mechanisms to speak out, to be heard, to reach our global neighbours, to craft our own narratives. He teaches us to be empowered to do that. Start Tweeting. Start blogging. Stop paying attention to the ‘Fake News’. Stop parroting their lies. Turn off your television and turn on your inner vision. Find your voice.

Four: He plays the game but makes up his own rules.

When it came time to build his crown jewel, the Trump Tower, he managed to successfully play the game of the NYC bureaucracy, the unions and the banks to get it approved. Then, over the objections of everyone involved, he hired a woman to head the project. Barbara Res became the first woman to build a skyscraper.

When he bought Mar A Lago and turned it into a private resort, he outraged the WASP denizens of West Palm Beach by going against their culture by allowing Blacks and Jews to become members.

He indulged in mutual sabre rattling with ‘Rocket Man’ then stepped into the pariah state, North Korea, to shake hands with Kim Jong Un and talk about peace.

He accepted a Royal Invitation to visit the Queen, but instead of indulging in the bowing and curtsying routine, he treats her like a regular person, chatting her up as if she were some friend’s grandma.

Five: He is a knight in shining armour.

Maybe Trump did not save the princess, but he did slay the dragon. And he saved all of us from the dystopian future which would have occurred if Hillary Clinton had won the election.

By now, almost everyone who is not blinded by their own prejudice, or whose vision is not severely clouded by their badly scratched rose coloured glasses, can clearly see the corruption Ms. Clinton embodies and the evil she represents.

I know that a lot of liberal minded, progressive thinking folks, myself included, celebrated the election of a black man to the Presidency of a country with a history of racism. And, we looked forward to the election of a woman President as proof of society’s continuing movement to the emancipation of all people.

It was easy to celebrate the election of Obama with his message of Hope and Change after eight years of the Cheney/Bush administration. It took me a full year to come to the uncomfortable truth that Obama was an impostor. A glib one to be sure, but, most assuredly, no inheritor of the legacy and dream of Martin Luther King.

After eight years of that Cubic Zirconia posing as the Hope Diamond, the stage was set and Hillary was anointed as the next-in-line.

However, despite being the heir apparent, it was not easy to get the nomination as the official candidate of the Democrat party. Populist Bernie Saunders had to be gotten out of the way. Democracy had to be thwarted. Votes stolen. System rigged.

Then, along came Donald Trump, and despite the best efforts of all the players of power politics, and despite the wholehearted support of mainstream media, and despite the machinations of the top people within the government agencies, Hillary lost.

Crude, rude, bombastic, blustery Donald John Trump won the hearts of the people and the election and defeated the evil witch of the west.

In so doing, he threw a monkey wrench into the system and caused a glitch in the matrix.  Hillary threw an alcohol fuelled tantrum that momentous night, refused to give the traditional concession speech and has ranted and raved ever since about how the election was stolen from her. How sweetly ironic is that after she stole the nomination from Bernie. Another spiritual lesson.

In any case, we are all, as global citizens, so much better off now that she is in the dustbin of history instead of the Oval Office to commit more of her infamous crimes with impunity. Perhaps, we may even see some justice some day soon.

And now, for balance, here are the top five things I do not like about the Donald.

One: His approach on environmental issues.

While I wholeheartedly agree with him that the Paris Accord is a complete sham, there is no doubt that we are in the midst of an environmental crisis and leadership on this issue is required.

Trump could co-opt the conversation about environmental issues and take it away from the neo-liberal globalist faction and become a reasoned voice for the necessity to clean up the mess we have made. Someone needs to take back control of the environmental conversation from those who have previously co-opted it from the true environmental activists and are using it to manipulate people into accepting total control over every facet of their lives.

Trump could do that. Instead, his environmental policies only serve to support their strident voices and their hidden agenda. Maybe that is intentional? Maybe that is another truth being revealed?

Two: His support of the Zionist agenda.

I am not going to go on a conspiratorial rant about the Kazarian Mafia or dig deeply into the Apartheid policies of the Zionists who control the State of Israel or talk about the undo influence Israel has over the internal politics and geopolitics of the USA, or even talk about the Federal Reserve, the IMF and the World Bank.

I am simply going to state that the whole mess in the Middle East and on Wall Street is not solvable until all of that is brought out into the open and the USA stops its undying and unquestioning support for the Greater Israel agenda. It imperils all our futures. He should know better.

Three: His belief in the old economy.

It makes for good talking points and a temporary feel good fix to say that factories are re-opening in the USA, that companies are returning or investing into new production facilities.

The amazing accomplishment of creating the lowest unemployment rates in history for Black, Asian and Hispanic minorities and the best employment rates in two generations for all Americans with women being at the top of the list is laudable.

But, let’s face it… we all know that we have entered into a post-industrial world and that the future economy will not be based on stamping out more widgets in more factories by more hourly wage earners.

It may impress a few folks to point out that their 401Ks are worth more because of a soaring stock market, but the reality is that is just a shell game and a crap shoot at best.

And what about that deficit? Talk about debt slavery. If you think student loans are outrageously onerous, how about each citizen being responsible for $$Trillions of debt.

If I could sit down and chat with Donald, I would ask him why he is not talking about, and taking steps to do away with, the antiquated (and doomed to collapse) fractional reserve debt-based central banking system? Surely he has read The Creature From Jekyll Island? Surely, as a Billionaire Real Estate developer and Casino owner, he knows all about who prints, distributes and controls the value of money. Right?

Four: His support for the military-industrial complex.

Yes, I know he is scaling down the USA’s military presence in some places and bringing home some troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and YES, I know that in the real world, the USA needs to maintain a strong military and basically act as the world’s policeman.

But does he have to surround himself with neocon dinosaurs like John Bolton who was one of Dick Cheney’s neocon gang of thugs who crafted that document called Project for a New American Century; that document that foreshadowed the whole series of messes in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and beyond. I know that Trump did not start any of those wars, that Cheney/Bush started Afghanistan and Iraq and that Obama/Clinton were responsible for Libya and Syria. But I hear echoes of the same rhetoric from his folks when it comes to Iran.

And, the big question… do we really need to be selling arms to everyone on the planet? How does that lead to peace and prosperity? And what the hell is going on in Yemen?

Hey, Donald, have you listened to your fellow Republican President and Military Strategist, Dwight D Eisenhower talk about the issue of letting the Military Industrial complex have too much power?

Five: His hesitancy.

If he really is motivated to root out the endemic corruption in DC and to bring an end to the Deep State and the Globalist Cabal, why does he not just lay out the whole sordid story to the American public and then act decisively to put an end to it all.

Out the bastards and bring them to justice. Expose the crimes, the treason and let the truth be told.

So stop hesitating Mr. President. The people are strong enough to face the truth and the country will be better served by it.

Then, once all that is brought out into the open and people are ready for a major transitional move, you can spend your entire second term on laying the groundwork for a new bolder future of abundance and compassion free from the psychopathic control freaks who believe they have the right to shape our common future to their own nefarious ends thereby creating a true American legacy that genuinely reflects the hopes and ambitions of the original founders.

Time is of the essence, not just for your Presidency, but for all of us. We need a new vision of the future. A vision that empowers. A vision that can create wonder, prosperity, peace and open ended potential for each and all of us on this beautiful, welcoming and fragile planet we call home.


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Leslie is the author of several books including the world-famous DELFIN Trilogy (The Initiation, The Journey, The Quest), Alexandra’s DragonFire, The Master Key and Your Prosperity Paradigm. His many articles about success creation have been published on hundreds of websites.

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