The Gift


time passingAre you wasting your life away? Each day presents you with 1,440 minutes. No more, no less. That’s all you get. How many of those minutes are squandered? You might have 9,000 days in your life or you might have 36,001. How many have slipped away from you already? Thousands, perhaps. How many more wasted moments or days are you prepared to have?

I take the position that life is a wonderful gift and that it is to be appreciated as such. Failing to appreciate the gift is to devalue not only the gift but the giver as well. To appreciate means to honor, to esteem, to treasure, to cherish, to revere, to enjoy, to relish and also, to appreciate means to improve upon, to increase in value, to contribute to.

How you choose to go about living and appreciating your life is entirely up to you. You get to choose the how of life. There are as many ways to live as there are people who can imagine how to live. I like to say that the how of life may be complex, but the why is simple; it is to revere, relish and contribute.

Are you enjoying—relishing—yourself and your life? Are you being fulfilled? Does each day have purpose and meaning? Are you honoring, esteeming, revering your life? What will be your legacy? What will you do today and with the rest of your life that will demonstrate your appreciation?

Are you just spinning your wheels? Are you wasting the precious moments of your life doing things that have no value, hold no enjoyment and add nothing to your own upliftment or to the appreciation of life?

Are you a better and happier person today than you were yesterday? If not, why not? How much joy does your heart hold? How much love?

What percentage of your 1440 is spent being reverent, standing in awe of the miracle of your life and all creation; how much time in each day are you enjoying, savoring, relishing the pleasures of being alive; what are you doing in each day to make a contribution?

These are tough questions. It takes a certain stark honesty with self to answer them. There is no doubt that a large percentage of your time is wasted, thrown away as if in contempt. You may choose to be in denial about that, but if, in each moment, you are not a) standing in awe and reverence or b) cherishing and relishing the gift of being alive or c) making a contribution by consciously becoming more or adding value to the lives of others and/or the universe as a whole, then you are wasting your 1440 and devaluing the gift of life.

Take a day, any day, say yesterday, and write down how you spent your 1440. Let’s say you slept 8 hours, 480 minutes, one third of that day. That leaves you with 960. Take 20 of today’s 960 and analyze yesterday’s 960. In each of those 960, you were involved in some activity or action. You were being and behaving a certain way.

Examine each behavior, each action. Was there any reverence being expressed? What was relished, cherished, enjoyed? Were you contributing to self or universe in that action? Was life being gratefully appreciated? My bet is that, in most of those 960 moments, the answer is no. What a waste! You could have been revering, relishing and contributing, couldn’t you? It is simply a matter of choice; your choice.

You either chose to revere, relish and contribute or you chose not to. You either chose to appreciate the gift of life or you chose not to. In each and every moment, you made a choice.

Perhaps you did not make the choice consciously, intentionally and on purpose. It was, perhaps, made unconsciously, habitually, instinctually like a creature of circumstance or even, accidentally. You went through the day as if you were a choiceless, pre-programmed automaton and for all the value you received or gave, you might as well be.

Now that you are aware of that, you can make the choice to live consciously each and every moment of each and every day. Of course, you can also make the choice to go about living an unconscious life. It is always possible to go back to sleep. Try counting sheep.

What is your intention?

This is truly one of the most exquisite questions you can ask your self at any given moment. What is my intention in doing what I am doing right now? Also ask: What is my intention in thinking the way I think? What is my intention in holding the beliefs I hold?

It will help you get to the why of life. Ask… Why am I doing this? For what purpose?

Like I stated previously, the how of life may be complex, but the why is simple. You have been given the gift. Demonstrate your appreciation by your reverence, relishment and contribution.

Let’s take a little pause here for an analogy that might help you achieve some clarity.

You are going on a journey, perhaps a little adventure. You show up at the airport for your flight only to find out that it has been delayed for three hours. What is your response? It has happened enough to me to be able to tell you what most people’s response is. It is, “Rats. Now I have three hours to kill.” Very few react to this unexpected gift of time, three extra hours, to do something useful, to enjoy. Most look for ways to kill the time.

Airports are full of stores so that people with time on their hands can indulge in a little mindless consumerism. Airports are full of bars so that people with time on their hands can sample their drug of choice. Airports are full of TV sets so that people with time on their hands can distract themselves. There are also, in airports, a few good books to be discovered and read in the extra time; spaces set aside to do some productive work; chapels where a little meditation can be done or a few prayer of gratitude can be offered.

The bars and shops are usually crowded with people killing time. The workspaces are almost always (despite the fact that a large percentage of travelers are business travelers) underutilized. The chapels are almost always empty. Most of the readers are reading books they will not even remember a month later.

Most people in airports are just hanging out, killing time, waiting to go someplace else. Are you like that? Are you, perhaps, living most or even the whole of your life like that… killing time until time kills you?

Time is your most precious, non-renewable, continuously declining asset. 1440 minutes a day. That’s all you get to spend. How you choose to spend it denotes the value you place on it and the appreciation you have for the gift of the time of your life.

So many people are very careful about how they spend their money and so very careless about how they spend their time. They place enormous value on their money but devalue their time. No reverence, no relishing, no conscious contribution. What a waste.

Have you been just taking up space and passing the time away until you pass away?

You are unique. In the whole universe of a billion, billion galaxies, each containing a billion, billion stars and countless more things we have yet to imagine or conceive of, there is only one you. There may be six billion other human beings walking around on this particular planet that you inhabit right now, but there is only one you.

Only one you with your unique attributes, your special characteristics, your distinct potentials and your exceptional opportunities to offer the gift that you are to the rest of life.

The rest of us, your fellow humans, are awaiting your contribution. The whole universe awaits — in anticipation — for your very next thought, feeling, word and deed. Imagine that. Everything that you are and do adds to the whole of creation. Each new thought contributes to the totality of the universe. Your every act ripples out like the sun’s radiation, a waveform that washes up against all else having an effect, whether you admit it or not.

The universe is, by definition, all that is. Everything that exists, exists within the universe. The universe, taken as a whole, is the sum of its parts. One of its parts is you. Therefore, every new thought you think, and every feeling you have, every word you speak, every action you take, adds to the whole. You cannot help but contribute to the whole of the universe. The obvious questions that arise out of that are: Of what value are your contributions and are you contributing consciously, intentionally, on purpose??

You are light. That is your essence. Physically, you are composed of recycled stardust. Metaphysically, you are composed of the same light or radiance that enlivens all creation. Are you shining bright enough to light the way of your fellow travelers? There is a lot of darkness out there. You can light it up. The more you are, the more you shine. The more you become, the brighter you are.

You light up my life. At least, you can if you but choose to. Have you been denying or hiding your light? Why? You really have no valid excuses. Many others, with less to offer than you do, have given more, shone brighter.

I am going to remind you of something that you already know… there are people with less education, less intelligence, less opportunity and less ability than you have who are creating more abundance in life, making a greater contribution, have greater enjoyment and are more fulfilled than you are.

Why is that? Can it be attributed to fate, karma, providence or just plain good luck? I don’t think so. I think effects have causes. I think having is predicated upon doing and being. I think that enjoyment, appreciation, abundance, contribution, happiness and success happen on purpose. They are a matter of choice, not chance.

Some people achieve a certain level of mastery in life because they have made a simple choice to live life on purpose instead of by accident. They know and practice something very important. It is this: clarity, congruency and control of your thoughts and beliefs are consciously causal and success and happiness are the resulting effects.

Mastery of the game of life, therefore, is all about bringing clarity (or lucidity), congruency (or coherency) and control (or focus) to the activities of your consciousness. Take charge of your own programming. If you must be a creature of habit, then choose those habits that serve you. Make it a habit to have a grateful appreciation of the gift of life; make it a habit to revere, relish and contribute. Get addicted to grateful appreciation.

Appreciate the gift. Your life is a gift. You are the gift. Revere, relish and contribute.

Be reverent of the miracle of your life. Become reverent in your own presence. Relish life. Enjoy your self. Contribute to yourself and to all existence. Become more. Create more. Do it on and with purpose. Stop being an accidental participant in life.

Do you find life bewildering, incoherent and out of focus? Perhaps it is because you are.

Do you have clarity? Are you being lucid? Are you being incongruent, incoherent? Are you in control, disciplined and focused or is your life out of control?

Want to have more out of life? Get lucid. Get coherent. Get focused. Get empowered. Shine your light.

“The shift from incoherence to coherence can bring dramatic effects: A 60-watt light bulb, whose light waves could be made coherent as a laser, would have the power to bore a hole through the sun—from 90 million miles away.”

William A. Tiller, Professor Emeritus,
Stanford University, Science and Human Transformation: Subtle Energies, Intentionality and Consciousness

Now that is power. Imagine that: The light from a single 60-watt bulb, made coherent and focused as a laser, can burn a hole through the sun. Imagine this: You emit more light, more radiant energy than a mere 60-watt light bulb. What power you would have if you were to bring coherence and focus to all that you are and all that you do?

Get empowered. Start appreciating who you are. Stop diffusing the light that you are. Give the gift of you!


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Leslie is the author of several books including the world-famous DELFIN Trilogy (The Initiation, The Journey, The Quest), Alexandra’s DragonFire, The Master Key and Your Prosperity Paradigm. His many articles about success creation have been published on hundreds of websites.

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