The Face of Evil


I have been asked (dared really) to comment on Trump’s Climate Change denying, Oiligarchical Cabinet selections. This challenge was made to me because of my previous comments about Americans having successfully chosen the lesser of two evils as President and my enthusiastic support for the Standing Rock movement. The implication being that if cHillary was the President elect, she would not have chosen Rick Perry, climate change denier and board member of Energy Transfer Partners – the builder of the Dakota Access Pipeline – as Energy Secretary.

Let’s get to it then…

First of all, let me state unequivocally that the Donald is a terrible choice for President. Although he has said some things in the past that would lead some to think he may be a radical change agent, I suspect he likes being a member of the old boys club too much to actually be a revolutionary. He has stated publicly that the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre were brought down by controlled demolition. Kudos for that. He has also said that vaccinations are dangerous and cause autism. Kudos for that. He has also said that the privately owned Federal Reserve must be taken over by the US Government or abolished altogether. Kudos for that. He has also said that picking a fight with Russia is a stupid thing to do. Kudos for that. Of course he also implied that climate change is a Chinese conspiracy. Did you catch that Al Gore? Global Warming is no longer your invention.

Now that we see The Donald’s cabinet choices, we have an inkling of what kind of future we face. The battle lines are now clearly defined. In my opinion, that is a good thing. For the last eight years of American political life, a glib pretty boy ran the show; and many people were bamboozled right from the start with messages of ‘Hope’ and ‘Yes, we can.’ into believing that there was a good guy in charge. All the nasty stuff he committed as President was overlooked by the general public because of a nice smile and a way with words, not to mention a classy wife and 2 good looking kids. And the trump card (pardon the pun)… if you dared criticize Obama, you were obviously a racist.

And those self-proclaimed liberals that rejoiced because America elected a black man were determined to support the idea of having a female President despite any evidence that cHillary was just another power mad psychopath. They were determined to overlook the fact that she was the candidate pre-selected as future President by the corrupt ruling class of a vicious empire in decline.

An empire that makes war on the rest of the world while hypocritically talking about creating a world of peace and prosperity. An empire that progressively takes away the rights and freedoms of its own populace while bragging about bringing democracy to the world. An empire that plunders the rest of the world for resources while pretending to stand for environmental responsibility. An empire that routinely interferes in the elections of other countries, promotes regime change, assassinates leaders of other countries, arms terrorists, supports despots and overlooks the human rights violations of its allies while decrying the actions of any who dare stand against it.

And this is the empire that Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State gleefully did her best to expand. And gleefully is the exactly right word. After, the US deposed and murdered Gaddafi, she was caught on camera laughing and saying, deliberately misquoting Julius Caesar, “We came; we saw, he died.” She then proceeded to export chemical weapons from Libya to the so-called ‘rebels’ (actually US armed & imported terrorists) to use on Syrian civilians and then blamed it on President Assad in yet another attempt at regime change, this time at the behest of Israel.

And while the liberal’s white knight, Obama, was having fun with his drone wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia, she was urging the Saudis to make war on Yemen in order to stick it to Iran and plotting the coup d’etat in Ukraine to rile up the Russian bear.

Meanwhile Bill and Hillary were busy building their personal wealth through the various criminal machinations of the Clinton Foundation. Then, she announced her run to the Presidency and selected John Podesta as her campaign manager. At the time, it seemed like a good choice. He had helped Bill get elected; was the insider in the Obama administration and knew the Washington political game like no one else. Small problem. He fell for a phishing scam and gave away his email password to hackers. Wikileaks then published his emails and the horrific PizzaGate pedophile thing reared its ugly head.

Time to blame the Russians for interfering in the US election. Time to blame those stupid working class Americans for choosing to vote for the woman hater. Time to blame those ‘fake news’ sites for revealing the ugly truth.

Donald may be a misogynist; but as far as we know, he is not involved with those who sexually abuse children – like Bill and Hillary’s close associates, Jeffrey Epstein and the Podesta brothers. Donald may be just another self-serving member of the billionaire class; but as far as we know, he has not yet murdered or assassinated anyone or given aid to those who do.

So, yes Trump’s Cabinet is full of the old gang of Dick Cheney style thugs whose biggest desire is to continue to rape and plunder the world for resources; and the new Emperor of the American empire is morally reminiscent of Caligula; but, as hard as it is for the those who are die hard Hillary fans to believe, Americans did actually choose the lesser of two evils.

There is a battle ahead. The battle lines are clearly defined. What kind of future do you want? I want to live in a world without an empire in which the people falsely believe that they have to choose between the lesser of two evils. I want to live in a world where the majority of people stand up and say “Enough is enough.” I want a future that has its genesis at Standing Rock.

I want a world in which neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump (or anyone like them) is the de facto ruler of a morally bankrupt empire. I want a world that has given up its addiction to fossil fuels. I want a world that honours and respects Mother Earth. I want a world without pedophiles; without wars, without psychopaths. I am an idealist. But… I do not turn a blind eye. And, I take a moral stand. I am not afraid to call evil – EVIL. 


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Leslie is the author of several books including the world-famous DELFIN Trilogy (The Initiation, The Journey, The Quest), Alexandra’s DragonFire, The Master Key and Your Prosperity Paradigm. His many articles about success creation have been published on hundreds of websites.

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  1. Hello Leslie….. Just want to express my deep gratitude for the light you have been bringing into the world….
    The world is a blessed place to have you…… I have just sent a link of this article ”The Face of Evil” to my husband…. along with the accompanying message that I am quoting here. This may not be very important to you…. and if so, please forgive me……. I just needed somehow to make this message PUBLIC, as I have suffered so much for my views on the very issues you write about…… and have been battered to no end…. Maybe you could please say a prayer for me…….. Infinite thanks…… and infinite blessings………..

    Hello Martin,

    I would like you to read this article please……….. It is informative, of course, but the main reason that I would like you to read it is because it articulates very well the perspective on current events that I hold. As communication is one of the sacred privileges we share in a relationship such as marriage, as much as I desire, I am not able to communicate to you my perspective, for you constantly feel you must attack me and blast me with hatred as I speak. This way, if you read the article, I will be safe, and you can still learn about how I feel.

    This is important to me….. so please do read the article…..

    By the way, this man, the author of the article, is very smart, (has businesses that have netted in excess of $100 million), and gives courses worldwide, so he is not a marginal crack-pot as you would like to, and often do, categorize me, for my views on world events.

    I do hope that you will NOT use this email, or my request, to express further hatred toward me…… but that you will in fact seek to understand me, respect me and love me.

    I need you to seek to understand me…… as we live together and you are my husband…… and it is appropriate to always seek greater bonds of connectedness, rather than being entrenched, or pathologically addicted to, ever grater antagonism and alienation.

    Thank you for honoring my request……

    Jasmine, your wife……….
    Here is the link:

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