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The DELFIN Trilogy consists of three books originally sold separately:The Initiation, The Journey and The Quest. (see details below) They are now published as a single volume. “The DELFIN material is the most comprehensive and profound personal empowerment product ever created.” Tens of thousands of people have used “The DELFIN Trilogy” as their primary tool for personal self-knowledge and intentional transformation. Now it is your turn to discover this incredible, world renowned metaphysical success education system. It is available in both print and electronic versions from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Lulu Press and other bookstores. The companion 18 hours of MP3 audio tracks are available for separate purchase here.

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The DELFIN Trilogy details…


The Initiation will enable you to take control over your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being and destiny.  Become a creator of the circumstances of your life instead of remaining in the common condition of most of mankind, which is being a creature of circumstance. It is your guide to achieving personal wisdom and finding your life’s purpose. This self-study course provides a practical approach to achieving success in all areas of life.  The Initiation consists of a book and 10 hours of MP3 audio.

delfinjourneyThe Journey explains that life is a process… a journey. Each of the twelve chapters contain perspectives and techniques which empower you to decide for yourself who you are, where you are at this moment, why you are here, and to what purpose you journey through life.  Once you have a clear understanding of those important questions you will achieve the clarity, motivation and inspiration to be an active and joyous participant in your personal journey. The application of your own awareness creates your own road map to success and happiness. The Journey consists of a book and 4 hours of MP3 audio.

Quest Logo_smallThe Quest deals with the nature of reality, creation, and transmutation.  It contains the keys you will need to unlock your potential to become the master of your own destiny — to be able to define your own reality, to create your own happiness and fulfillment, to transform into what you have been designed to become. The supplemental audio with unique Phi-frequency Holographic Dimensional Harmonic recording technology will assist you to achieve not only Alpha, but Theta and Delta States of meditation to bring you to your true place of power and creativity. The Quest consists of a book and 4 hours of MP3 audio.


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About Author

Leslie is the author of several books including the world-famous DELFIN Trilogy (The Initiation, The Journey, The Quest), Alexandra’s DragonFire, The Master Key and Your Prosperity Paradigm. His many articles about success creation have been published on hundreds of websites.

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