The ABCs of Life


Yesterday, I had to remind myself that when life starts to seem a little complicated and frustrating, it is time to go back to the basics. It was clearly time for me to refocus my attention on my ideals AND the essential principles that, if followed and practised, serve to create a more successful and fulfilling life. So, I grabbed a pad of paper and a pen and made some notes. A memo to myself. I’ll share it with you. Perhaps it will serve you too.

I will talk about my particular frustrations at the end of this post, but first allow me to share my advice to myself. I actually did go back to the ABCs.

I already know that each and every day, I have the choice to live my life by design or by default. I can either let things happen to me or make things happen for me. In other words, I can choose to be either a creature of event and circumstance or to be a creator of event and circumstance.

I also know that there is great value in writing things down on paper. It clarifies and creates focus. So, pen and paper it was.

A is for Awareness, Answers and Action.

Self awareness is a critical component of creating a successful and fulfilling life. If I am unaware of my predominant patterns of thinking and feeling, then I am allowing that ignorance to determine my results. I had allowed myself to become frustrated with myself for being frustrated with other people not living up to my expectations. Ok. Note to self: Everyone walks their own path in life. I can put up directional signs at every fork in the road, but I cannot decide for anyone else which path to take. I can only offer guidance. Post the signs. Then move on. Trust that there are those who will read the directional sign and be grateful for having followed it. Allow all others to follow their own path.

Wisdom and desired results come from learning to ask the right questions. How can I possibly know what anyone else wants if I do not ask the right questions? How on earth can I offer advice or suggest a direction if I do not know where someone wants to end up? I had been assuming that most people have the desire to live a bigger and better life. The reality is that most people are quite satisfied with just getting by. Hence my frustration. Ok. Note to self: Let them be. Focus my attention on those people who earnestly desire excellence and abundance. They will show up.

It does not matter how intelligent or educated I am IF I do not take appropriate action. Intentional, informed action always produces results. Do the things that I already know how to do. Create a game plan and follow that plan. Keep my attention at all times on my own destination and my own ideals. Note to self: Stop trying to enrol others into my game plan. Be passionate and boldly go in the direction I have chosen. Do not slow down so that others can keep up. My example will inspire the few who choose to be exceptional and they will enrol themselves into a bigger, better life.

B is for Blessings, Belief and Beauty.

I begin each day with an expression gratitude for all the blessings I have in life. And there are many, so it takes a while to remind myself of even a fraction of those blessings. I have complete faith that my life will continue to be filled with blessings and abundance. Major insight: I have allowed that total trust to make me complacent. Note to self: If I am frustrated with others for being willing to settle for mediocrity, then I better look in the mirror and recognize that I too am allowing myself to settle for less than I deserve. Time to step up my game.

And this is where I had my second major insight of my day of self-reflection. On my website, I call myself a Meme Therapist. What that translates to is in my personal coaching with clients, I deal with core beliefs. I have just written down that most people are content with just getting by, with having a mediocre life. How did I come to hold that belief? The real truth is that most people really do want to have more, to do more and, even if they are suppressing it, they have a deep and profound desire to become that greater version of themselves that is inside pleading to be allowed to come forth. They just need to believe it is available to them. Perhaps they have been disappointed before and hesitate because they fear getting let down again. Only love can heal a broken heart. I need to extend my compassion and offer that glimmer of hope that can turn into faith. I need to believe that I am capable of inspiring them to shine their light.

Beauty exists everywhere; but if we do not carry beauty within ourselves, we can not appreciate it when we encounter it in our world. My job in life is to empower others to recognize the beauty that lies within, the beauty of their own dreams and aspirations. To accomplish that I need to shine my light brighter. How? By amping up my own belief in what is possible for me and others.

C is for Compassion, Commitment and Coherence.

I have said so many times before, and wholeheartedly believe, that compassion is the highest of spiritual attributes. If I do not extend my compassion to everyone I encounter as I walk through life, then I am failing to live my life’s purpose, which is to revere, to relish and to contribute. It is incumbent upon me to extend my hand and my heart to everyone, even those who have already turned away or failed to see the signposts I have posted at that fork in the road. It is clear that I need to add some sparkle to make those signposts more attractive.

I am a vegetarian, but I will use the old bacon and eggs metaphor anyway. When it comes to your breakfast menu, the chicken is involved but the pig is committed. I can be involved in something or I can be committed to something. If I am committed, it means I am all in. I do not just offer up a few eggs, even if they are golden eggs. I offer up myself. All of myself. All of the time.

What all that translates to is this: I know that the universe exists because of harmonics. If every single aspect of universe was not acting in harmony, it wold not exist. Quarks and quasars, gluons and galaxies, exist in a state of coherence. My purpose and passion, my ideals and actions must also be harmonious, must be coherent or I will be unable to be as fully creative and contributory as I am capable of being. In other words, I need to step up my game.

So, that leads me to say two things to you.

The first is that I wrote a book called Your Prosperity Paradigm: 11 Steps to Creating & Living a Super Successful Life. I urge you to read it. I truly believe it can add value to your life. Click here. If you follow me on Facebook, that was the book I was reading as I lay in the sun getting a dose of Vitamin D. I needed the reminder.

The second is that every new day is a fork in the road and each of us gets to make a choice which direction to go. I have been posting signs. Apparently, I have not been adding enough glitter to those signs to make them attractive enough. So, I am repainting those signs now.

One of the blessings that came into my life recently (and it was truly a great blessing) was the opportunity to become part of a world changing movement. I know in my heart of hearts that this IS the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I will be forever grateful to the old friend who was compassionate enough to share it with me. I also know in my heart that this  can profoundly enhance and enrich your life; and if I do not affirm to you loudly and clearly that this path is the better way, then I have done you a disservice.

There is a tidal wave of change that is coming. It has already started. It will soon become a tsunami. I ask you, in all sincerity, to take this fork in the road that is offered to you and ride that wave. Just imagine how exultant the surfer feels when they are riding that big one, that once-in-a-lifetime super wave that every surfer dreams about. This is your wave. Will you choose to ride it or choose to sit on the beach and watch while others yell out their joy?

Surf’s up. Click here.


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