Standing Rock


An eagle is soaring
A waterfall is roaring
The children are crying…
Our mother is dying.

Now, can you hear…
Everything you hold dear
Is being desecrated.
But – it is not fated.

You can make a stand
For water, air and land.
Right now. Right here.
Choose love; not fear.

Stand tall. Stand proud.
Speak clear and loud…
Enough is enough!
This is serious stuff.

It is time to decide.
You can no longer hide.
It is up to you and me
To act while we are still free.

To put an end to the greed.
To create a new creed.
One of honour and respect
Of cherish and protect.

For the land, air and water
For mother, son and daughter.
Stand up now. Shine your light.
And right will conquer might.


About Author

Leslie is the author of several books including the world-famous DELFIN Trilogy (The Initiation, The Journey, The Quest), Alexandra’s DragonFire, The Master Key and Your Prosperity Paradigm. His many articles about success creation have been published on hundreds of websites.

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