Living On and With Purpose


sunset_sailingIt’s no wonder that so many people seek refuge from themselves in endless distractions, mind-numbing addictions and mindless philosophies. They are running away from the realization that their lives have no purpose. The horrible truth is that a life without a defined purpose is a life of no purpose; and a life of no purpose is no life at all. It is merely an existence, an existential wasteland.

On the other hand, a purposeful life is an abundant, joyous, fulfilling and meaningful life.

How do you get a life of purpose and meaning? You make it up. That’s right. You just decide. It does not have to be altruistic. It does not have to be grandiose. It does not have to be in accord with anybody else’s expectations or standards. The only thing your purpose must be is genuine.

Genuine means that it must be real to you; that is, in harmony with your personal ideals and desires. It does not matter one whit what I (or anyone else) think about your chosen purpose. It only matters that it is meaningful to you.

It does not have to be a life long commitment. Chances are, your ideals and desires will evolve over time, as you grow, and so, your personal purpose will also change or evolve. Some people are blessed with a life long passion that drives their whole lives. Most of us change from year to year or decade to decade as the world changes and as we change with it. Your devout purpose of today can be the same: life long, or a stepping stone to a new passion.

The problem most people have is that they look to some outside force to supply the purpose of their life, like society or religion. The result is that they end up with some assigned purpose that is not real. The purpose of your life must be what you choose, not what is chosen for you.

The answer lies in your heart more than in your mind. What do you love? What do you desire? What makes you happy? Answer these questions and you will be very close to discovering the purpose of your life.

For those who are still in the process of discovering some grand purpose for their lives, here is a little hint as to how to live a purposeful life while you are awaiting that grand purpose…

Do each thing each day with a specific purpose. Ask yourself constantly…”why am I doing this? to what end? what is the purpose of this action? what is my intent in doing this thing?” Once you begin to act intentionally throughout each day, you will soon discover that each day has purpose and meaning. Days become meaningful weeks; weeks become meaningful years; years become meaningful lives. It is your conscious choice in THIS moment to live, think, believe and act ‘on purpose’ that will create a purposeful life.

Begin now… What exactly is your defined purpose of reading this article?

A person without a definite purpose in life is more handicapped than the most disadvantaged or disabled.


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