Live Success Now

2020 is almost here. Imagine that.
We are about to kick off the third decade of the 21st century.

If you would like to have 20/20 vision for your 2020 and beyond,
this Live Success Now Masterclass 
will give you that clear vision

This is not going to be a long sales page full of fluff. This will either resonate with you or it will not.
If it does resonate, it will transform your life.

Everyone has dreams and ambitions. Everyone wants to live a life with a measurable amount of meaning, purpose, fulfillment and success.
Those who do live bigger, bolder lives know that continuous upgrading of their knowledge base and honing of their skillsets is necessary.

I created this Live Success Now Masterclass to enhance your knowledge of the conscious creation of success and to enable you to upgrade your abilities or skills so that you may intentionally and adroitly apply that knowledge to how you go about living each and every day.

Those who know me know that I have committed the last 25 years of my life to empowering and enriching the lives of my fellow human beings. Those who do not yet know me can read my bio here. You may also choose to visit the front page of this website.

I created this Masterclass for those who truly desire to Create, Live and Enjoy a Super Successful Life.
It consists of five recorded video sessions.

Session One: The Inside Secrets of Success

Learn why it is certain internal factors, not the external factors or events and circumstances, that determine anyone’s ability to create success.

Session Two: Creating Your Life Masterplan

Is your life unfolding according to plan or is it just unfolding according to whatever life throws at you?
Learn how to create your personal plan. Live life according to your own design.

Session Three: Scripting Your Own Success Story

Are you just acting out some assigned role or are you writing your own script?

Session Four: Engaging The Infinite

The universe awaits. Tune in and learn how to co-create the future.

Session Five: Making It Real

Manifestation is a process that works according to certain rues and procedures. Stop struggling and get with the flow.

If you are ready to step up your game, create that winning game plan and enjoy the triumph of living a purposeful, fulfilling and successful life, Live Success Now will give you the extra edge you need to create that true success that lives as an ideal in your heart and mind.

I truly desire that you become, enact and attain all that you are capable of becoming, enacting and attaining; and, I truly believe that I can assist you in creating that success. Please join me for this  Live Success Now Masterclass.

Bonus:: Your purchase includes a digital version of my book, Your Prosperity Paradigm, which has more than 100,000 readers.

Yes! You do deserve the success you desire. Allow yourself to receive it. 

The price for all this is only $375.00.

“This extraordinary online 5 Module Course  guides you ,step-by-step, through a unique process of designing the life of your desires, creating a plan where you get to establish specific goals personal to you;  based on your own authentic core self. This process, has enabled me to design my next  five year thrilling life plan, that I feel, only through this in-depth course, have I been able to clearly set out for myself – not simply on paper, to work with –  but also backed up by a deeper understanding of the nature of the Universe – that brings thought into matter, but additionally provides specific tools to help set in place ones new attitude of mind.

“Thus from a new state of Being, through the ‘Doing’ so results in the ‘Having’ or ‘Achieving’.  Having proceeded through this five-module video course, there is no doubt whatsoever, in my mind, that I will achieve my personally chosen goals.   That confidence now imbued in me is the greatest gift that Leslie offers any sincere participant. He brings his many years of great knowledge of Universal Law and presents it in a way where a student, who is open minded enough to follow the well thought out  plan and  wise enough to work their personal plan, will, without doubt,  attain those desired goals.” ~ Katannya  Alven,  UK

“Before i started this program, I was a living a monotonous life, I was just going through the same routine everyday, My job as a stay at home mother is extremely rewarding, but as many mothers know you can lose yourself along the way. So to give you a quick background on myself – I was feeling very uninspired and had placed a lot of self-limiting beliefs upon myself. I had terrible social anxiety; it was almost crippling, play dates were one of my worst nightmares because I would have to speak to other mothers and I was afraid that I was so uninteresting they would not want to speak to me.

“Then I truly believe the universe gave me the gift of getting to do the most amazing course/ program called Live Success Now by Leslie Fieger,.After the 1st module I felt inspired to change my thinking and you know from that day I have just grown,

“Working through the program I have now created my life master plan and I know I can achieve anything I really want . I can’t even put into words how grateful I am to Leslie for giving me the tools to be so successful and happy in my life. To jump out of bed every morning and be so excited to start my day, If you are looking to really get to know yourself, grow and truly be inspired to create your life master plan you need to do this course, it has changed my life, So give yourself this gift I promise you won’t be disappointed.” ~ Kim Dardis, Ireland

“Throughout 2018 I really wanted to change my life, to do something different. I had thought about going back to college but I felt I wasn’t clever enough, in school I was always called a day dreamer, which I still am to this day. A day dreamer was not always the nicest word used. I know today that “Yes”; I was and am a day dreamer and not stupid I just needed the gentle nudge and encouragement to find my authentic self.

“The gentle nudge come from a very good friend of mine who invited me to Leslie Fieger’s “Self Actualization” Seminar in Dublin towards the end of October 2018 and I can say hand on heart it was the wakeup call that I was looking for. I loved the event I left the venue with a skip in my step and the excitement to learn more and engage with like-minded people.

“Leslie then ran a 12 weeks series of Thursday Dialogues which for me was a complete new way of learning and understanding
I could listen to Leslie all day every day. I actually never spoke for the first 11 weeks on the call I just listened and during the weeks between calls I would re listen to the recording. And finally on week 12 I felt my fear of public speaking leaving me and I spoke.

“So when Leslie Fieger announced his Live Success Now Master class I was first in the queue. I have just finished my Module 5 and into my second day of the 45 day challenge as part of my course work. I have to say that I know that I can do anything that I either dream or imagine, my self-limiting beliefs are diminishing. I am picking up the pen & paper and writing my own thoughts, feedback and that is huge for me as I’d normally have to have someone to validate me.

“Leslie’s program is a program of attraction. If you’re prepared to do the work, then you will see immediate results. As you can see, I’m quite passionate about this as it’s 5am and I’m extremely grateful for Leslie being my coach and mentor.” ~ Fiona Aldwell, Ireland

“I have worked personally with most of the big names in personal development. Nobody, but nobody, explains the practical relationship between the metaphysical and the physical, the spiritual and the material, better than Leslie Fieger. If you truly want to have success and happiness in your life, you’d be wise to heed his work.” Hugh Jeffries, USA

“I first came across Leslie in 2000 through his writing, most importantly the Delfin Trilogy and later through his many articles. His ability to express complex concepts, convey with clarity a vision of how the Universe, the World and your Life all interweave and interact, and his ability to provide a practical and exciting way forward all touch a deep chord in those who delve into his work. I have also had the pleasure of being mentored by Leslie and of working closely with him to further develop my vision for my life. If you get the opportunity to read his work or to be mentored by him, seize the opportunity with both hands… and hold on!” ~ Cate Ferguson, Australia

“There is a saying: “when the pupil is ready the teacher will appear” It is true for me in more than one way. I was completely lost; I prayed for the light, and it came to me in the form of Leslie Fieger. I understand things now that which I could never understand before. It is all so simple. And this is the genius of Leslie. He makes the difficult “stuff” easy to understand and easy to apply and blend into your daily life and thus change your life around to a life full of joy, love and purpose. Prosperity and abundance follow as the result. Thank you Leslie for helping me to get my life back.” Judith Hirsch, Israel

If this Live Success Now Masterclass is not for you, I hope you at least gain value from the many resources here for you on my website. You may wish to begin with this post of mine called Creating True Success. If you want to delve deeper than this online course, perhaps private coaching is right for you. If so, go to this page.