Holons & Black Holes


hs-2004-07-h-webThe universe is not some machine or mechanically unfolding process that was created billions of years ago during the event typically called the Big Bang. It is an evolving living entity seeking self-expression and self-actualization that is continuously re-creating itself each quantum moment.

This is a critical understanding; not just for cosmologists and quantum physicists–it is critical for anyone who wants to come into a full understanding and application of their creative power. If you want to be able to create the ideal events and circumstances of your individual life, you need to know how universe is created anew in each new moment.

You are you; an individual, complete unto yourself… a Holon. But, you exist within and are inseparable from the whole, universe. Your existence is governed by the same rules that govern the existence of the universe. Your ability to be consciously creative is enhanced by knowing and applying the universal creative process.

The universe blinks in and out of existence each and every moment; it goes on and off; it recreates itself. This all happens at the sub-quantum level, so you are not normally aware of it.

When you observe (perceive) the universe, even your little corner of it, you tend to think of it as a continuous, moving process… like a movie. But just like a movie, there may be the illusion of a seamless continuity, but the reality is more like a series of still images strung together to produce movement and momentum.

In a movie, the individual frames run at 24 per second, too fast for the eye to capture the individual images so that they all seem to run together to produce the illusion of one continuous moving picture. The reality is that a movie is a series of still shots, each one being just a little different than the one before.

At the quantum level of universe, the process is exactly the same except that the individual frames run at billions per second… a very high frequency. In fact, there are billions of different frequencies, all acting in a grand harmony, to create the moving picture of a temporal and spatial universe.

So, when you look out your window and see the leaves of a tree moving in the breeze, what you are seeing is a series of individual snap shots strung together to produce the illusion of leaf movement, each snap shot somewhat different than the previous one as the various fermions, bosons, photons and imaginatons flash in and out of existence.

So what, you might wonder, is the relevance of this to your life and how it unfolds. Everything. Whether you are ignorant of, or aware of, how universe (and everything in it including you) is re-created anew each moment, you are still a participant. You can choose to be a passive participant (like you imagine a rock to be) or you can choose to be an active participant THEREBY actually influencing how the next quantum snapshot turns out.

Yes, such is your power. Here’s how it works.

All this blinking on and off, the frequency of the master vibration, is subject to the various interplays of the innumerable sub-frequencies of the various vibrations of the individual parts of universe (all Holons in their own right).

The Pacific Ocean, for allegorical example, is made up of various little wavelets. If you toss a pebble from the shore, you create a new set of waves and the whole behavior of the ocean changes. You may not notice it, but it does. Say the pebble is an asteroid that slams into the ocean from space, you might then notice? Well, sure you would. Just ask the dinosaurs.

Ok, now you have the concept. The universe is a vast sea of vibration made up of various little (and not so little) interference patterns caused by the various frequencies when they interact. These interference patterns are the snapshots that make the movie. Interject a new waveform (toss in a pebble) and you change the interference pattern and the next snap shot is changed. Keep on doing it and you change the whole future picture.

Your thoughts, your emotions and your beliefs are your vibratory output. This vibratory output exists within the universe. It affects universe. Your vibratory output creates interference patterns in the quantum ocean of universe. So what?

Well, if you want to change the behavior of the universe, then change your vibratory output, change your thoughts, change your emotions, change your beliefs.

You might well say that your little vibrations will not have much effect on the whole BIG universe, but then, you really don’t want to change the universe all that much do you? I mean, you don’t want to change the orbit of the earth or anything even remotely like that, do you? You just want to change a few very small things like the events and circumstances of your life.

Back to the seashore… you go to the beach, the sea is dead calm today, smooth as glass. You jump in, splashing and making all kinds of commotion. Your little immediate area of the Pacific is no longer calm; it is turbulent. Sand is stirred up, fish scatter, froth and bubbles are everywhere in your immediate vicinity. Ripples spread out, the little waves you make even rush up against the beach destroying a child’s sand castle built too close to the water’s edge. The young girl who was floating on her back with eyes closed in the calm sea a moment before is now having water from your waves splashed into her face. You have changed reality.

Your mental and emotional output creates a commotion in your immediate environment and changes reality. Change the nature of that commotion and you change the reality picture of your immediate environment. Maintain a consistent mental and emotional pattern and you have a long lasting affect on your immediate environment. Keep it up consistently for a long time and you will even change the whole ocean.

Let’s leave the seashore and return to our movie set.

You have 24 still frames passing by each second. Lets say all but frame 2 is exactly the same, what do you end up seeing? No movement, no change. Now, take a one-minute sequence, 1,440 frames. In second two of the sequence, frame 3 is different but all the other frames remain the same; in second three, frame 4 is different but the rest remain the same and so on until you come to second #59 and frame 60 is different and the rest remain the same. What do you end up with? 60 different frames spread out amongst 1380 identical ones producing some illusion of movement but with an unchanged picture.

This is how passive participation in universe creates your reality picture. You actually have about 60,000 thoughts per day; but, 99% of them are the same old repetitive subconscious self-talk and ingrained patterns of thinking, believing and feeling.

Occasionally throughout the day you think about your hopes and ambitions or focus on your goals or think specific thoughts related to your life’s purpose, but most of the frames remain the same. You end up with the illusion of movement and an unchanged reality picture.

You attend some seminar and your thinking patterns change for a few days and you even notice some changes in your life, but soon, you revert to your habitual way of random, unintentional thoughts, emotions and beliefs and no lasting change happens in your life.

As the universe blinks in and out of existence, it takes all that happens in one moment to re-create the next. Your individual thoughts, emotions and beliefs are in this mix. If you have a unique thought one moment and then for the next 10, revert to habit (same old), you do not notice there was a snap shot of universe that was different, but it was.

Hold clear, consistent, intentional thoughts entwined with clear, consistent, intentional emotions from moment to moment and when universe blinks in and out of existence, these specifically chosen new thoughts, emotions and beliefs will change enough frames in the sequence of snap shots for you to actually perceive the different universe you have created; at least, your little corner of the universe… the events and circumstances of your life.

So, there it is. Simple, yet elegant and profound. Your thoughts shape your reality. If you want a different reality, change your thinking.

Since there are more than 7 billion other humans occupying this planet right now, all of them thinking and thus producing effects, you are somewhat limited in what you can create. The realm of possibilities is restricted by the group mindset… what Jung called the collective unconscious and Sheldrake called morphic resonance and Dawkins called the meta-meme.

Fortunately, since the idea of success exists within the cultural meme set, you can create your individual success by thinking the right kind of thoughts.

If, however, you would like to create a new paradigm, say peace and prosperity for all life on planet earth, you must change the group mindset, you must transform the way the world thinks, you must infect the collective unconscious with a new meme. That new meme must infect a large enough number of consciously creative people to change the collective unconscious.

There are people who know that and uses that knowledge to fashion society to their own ends or purposes. Some of these manipulators of your thinking have your best interests at heart (peace and prosperity) and others simply want to control how you behave so that they can benefit (power and greed).

There is a battle going on. On one side are the freedom fighters. On the other side are the fascists. The freedom fighters want to empower the individual. The fascists want to empower institutions. (The ones they run, of course.) Mind control is the battleground. Yes, there is a battle going on for control of your mind. The fascists want to control what you think and are thereby capable of creating. The freedom fighters want to give you control of your own mind and thereby enable you to create what you hold to be ideal.

Your freedom, your power and your creativity lies in your control over your thoughts, emotions and beliefs. So long as you do not exercise your own control, you will be controlled.

The fascists have some pretty powerful tools, like television and the rest of the media, at their disposal that they use to affect control over how you feel, what you think and believe.

Those who seek to control you, work toward control over your thoughts, emotions and beliefs. You are being manipulated. Fear is purposefully engineered to produce sheeple.

Witness how the American public was manipulated through the effective use of fear…

They were told, over and over, that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and that he was connected to the purported terrorists who were responsible for the 9/11 events. Neither was true. Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction and the people who said he did knew that he did not. Saddam (Iraq) had no ties to the people who brought you 9/11 and the people who told you that he did, knew for certain that he did not. Those lies are public knowledge, yet the majority of the American people still believe that Saddam was a direct threat to their safety and well-being. Fear clouds their minds, obscuring the truth.

Who produced that fear? Why was it produced? It was produced by the fascists in order to exert control.

The motives for that invasion were not to secure the safety of the American public, yet most still believe it was. The motives were, and are, to control resources (power and greed). Control the oil, control the flow of money and control the greatest resource of all, human consciousness and its power to shape the future (create reality).

Witness how the ongoing violence in Iraq is still being called the war on terror. It is actually kind of funny (ironic) that terror is intentionally used to manipulate the minds of the American public (in order to control their thoughts, emotions and beliefs and limit their freedom, personal power and creativity) and the perpetrators of that fear claim to be fighting a war against terror.

There is always a bogeyman, a villain of the day, lurking out there for you to fear. Why? So you can be controlled. Osama, Saddam, anthrax, the new flu bug, ebola, cattle mutilating aliens and the devil himself. Please don’t imagine that I am saying that these things are not really there, that they are made up. That choice of belief is up to you. I am saying that these things (real or made up) are used to intentionally instill fear into the populace so that the populace can be controlled, to turn people into sheeple, to prevent YOU from becoming a fully empowered, self-actuated, creative and free human being.

Opt out. Unlock the door to your prison. Take control of your self, your mind, your thoughts, your emotions and your beliefs. Become capable of creating the future you desire and envision.

Begin now to exert your will. Begin now to think for yourself and to think on purpose. Begin now to take control of your emotions. Decide to opt out of the culture of fear. Begin now to examine your beliefs and replace non-productive ones with ones that serve you.

Begin now to meta-program your self.


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