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EnergyVortexLet’s recap… from that infinitesimally small Planck time/space, the universe exploded into being. Light was everywhere. Quanta careened wildly, like manic dancers, crashing into one another to form hydrogen, deuterium and helium.

These gathered in clouds and then gravity condensed these clouds to form the first stars, nuclear fusion furnaces. They lit up and burned for several billion years, then went super-nova, spewing out new elements like carbon and silicon. The cycle repeats. New stars were formed, went supernova, became neutron stars or black holes. More complex molecules were created.

Planets were formed from the excess debris. Organic molecules evolved. DNA happened. Suddenly, you are here, inhabiting a body, possessing a mind and looking in wonder at all that’s happened to make that possible. You are now the universe perceiving itself.

Those stars that went super nova did not die to disappear; they were reborn as you and I; and all our fellow consciousness containing organic entities. All the elements that make up your body were once a part of something else that existed prior to you. The universe is very ecologically minded; everything gets recycled.

Everything keeps getting more complex, more evolved, more efficient. Those first stars, in effect, slowly breathed in hydrogen; fused helium for billions of years and eventually collapsed into a dense iron core and exploded (went super nova) and breathed out carbon. You now breathe in hydrogen (and oxygen) and breathe out carbon (dioxide) in the same moment.

You breathe the dust of your ancestors. You breathe Prana. You breathe photons of light spewed out by the Big Bang. You breathe life. You breathe light. You breathe consciousness. You breathe the universe. The universe breathes you. It breathes consciousness. It breathes light. It breathes Prana, life. It breathes the dust of your ancestors, stars.

Become enlightened… learn to see yourself as light breathing light, as consciousness breathing consciousness, as life breathing life, as universe breathing universe.

The whole shebang, from microscopic quarks to macroscopic quasars, is united in one whole purposeful quest… to become you, to become awake, aware, conscious and creative, to be here, now, to be present, to be envisioning, idealizing and imagining the future, to participate, to revere, to relish and to contribute. And, to continue to become more, to continue to evolve and mutate.

Only now, you get to consciously participate instead of just being along for the ride.

Imagine what power you have as a human being…

It took billions of years for universe, after coming into being, to forge new molecules, like carbon and silicon, in the hearts of the massive nuclear furnaces you call stars. You humans figured out, within a few millennia of your coming into to being, how to forge new molecules in simple blast furnaces.

It took billions of years for universe to manipulate the DNA molecule to forge new life forms. Humans now do it every day in laboratories.

It took billions of years for universe to create the complexity and beauty of life on planet Earth. You are now capable of destroying it within just a few decades.

Your power and your potential is enormous.

Power, like freedom, demands an awareness of and responsibility to the results of actions. You are causal. What you do has effects. What you do is dependent upon how you are. How you are is dependent on your beliefs, thoughts and emotions. These are all personal choices, a matter of will and intent. Since how you are is a matter of choice and how you are determines what you do and what you do determines what effectuates… what you create is a matter of choice.

The quest for and the accumulation of knowledge is science. The practical application of that knowledge is technology. Self- knowledge is science. Application of that knowledge to create what you want to have is technology. The science of success, then, is the knowledge and awareness of how you work, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The technology of success, then, is the intentional and purposeful use or application of that knowledge.

In order to be a successful conscious creator, you need to know and apply the principles of creation that exist in the universe you inhabit. The knowledge of how things work empowers you to make things work. The knowledge of how things are created empowers you to be able to create. Since universe (or the creative force behind universe) has created all that exists within universe, it is wise to know how universe creates, what principles are behind creation. This, after all, is what science is all about. Technology, on the other hand, is about tools.

The tools you have to play the game of life are many. The main ones are: your physical body, your emotional body, your mental body, your metaphysical (or spiritual) body. In order for tools to be used to their maximum potential, you need to know how to use them. Simple tools are easy. Once you know what a screwdriver can do, you can use it. It takes about 3 seconds to learn how to use a screwdriver to drive a screw. However, if you were to give a screwdriver to a human of 10,000 years ago, he might imagine it is a tool for digging or a weapon.

Similarly, most people do not know what the proper use of the elegant and complex tool of their mind is, and so they use it for crude things.

It took you many months to learn how to use the tool, your physical body, just to get around, to walk. It took Magic Johnson many years to learn how to use the tool of his body to become proficient at shooting hoops.

How much time and effort have you invested in learning how your mind works and how to use your mind? Since your success in life is dependent upon the proper use of this tool, perhaps it is time to study it. Since your mind is but one aspect of your consciousness, perhaps, if you’d like success, you should get to know and understand what consciousness is and how it works so that you can develop and properly apply the technology of consciousness…creation.

Your mind and its encompassing consciousness is a tool that can be used to create. Since it is a complex tool, it requires more knowledge to best use than the more simple tools you have at your disposal, like your body.

You are, of course, already using this tool to create. You may, however, be doing it without awareness, without purpose, without intent and are thus creating effects that may not be particularly pleasing.

Maybe you know that it is a tool of creation, but have not yet discovered how to best use it. Say, someone gave you that screwdriver and told you to use it to drive a screw. You may, in your ignorance, be grasping the shaft and using the handle like a hammer to attempt to pound the screw instead of grasping the handle and using the blade to turn the screw.

Since your mind is an aspect of (encompassed by) your consciousness, in order to know how to properly use your mind, you need to study your consciousness. Since your consciousness is an aspect of (encompassed by) universal consciousness, in order to properly use your consciousness, you need to study universal consciousness.

That is why, if you want to know how to create the physical success you desire in life, you must study the metaphysical. If you want to produce idealized and desired effects, you must come to know the causal. To best make things work the way you want, you need to know how things work.

It can be simple:
What does consciousness do? It thinks, desires, feels and believes.

What results from this activity? Things and events within space and time.

Thought, emotion, and belief create effects.

Random thoughts, emotions and beliefs create random results.

Specific intentional thoughts create specific intentional results.

Translation: if the results you have in your life do not match your ideal, then you know that your thoughts, emotion, intentions and beliefs need to change.

It can be complex:

To change your thoughts, emotions, intents and beliefs, you must take control of them. To control them, you must first know where they came from in the first place and why you hold them now. You must evaluate them in order to see if they actually serve you. You must learn what thoughts, what emotions, what intentions, what beliefs do serve you and choose to adopt them in place of the ones that do not serve you.

Your mind resists control. You might say that your mind has a mind of its own. Your mind has already been programmed to behave the way it does, to think what it does, to feel what it does, to believe what it does and this programming can be difficult to override. Moreover, there are forces outside of you (existing bureaucracies and cultural memes) that are actively and intentionally working to limit your freedom and ability to think, feel and believe for yourself.

Your journey to freedom, enlightenment and empowerment is a struggle. However, your greater beingness is an evolutionary imperative of the universe. If you have the knowledge, the intent and the will to apply the knowledge, you will win that struggle.

I can help supply you with the knowledge. Only you can supply the intent and the will.


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