Going For Gold

Before you read this page, read this one.

The Going For Gold coaching program is an enhanced version of the Elevate Your Game Coaching program. It consists of twelve two-hour monthly one-on-one coaching conversations with me. However, it also provides you and I the opportunity to spend two full days together in a location of your choice. I do retain veto rights on location. They will be rare. I love to explore this planet. I strongly suggest you choose someplace you have not been before or someplace that has great meaning for you. I will travel to your home location but fundamentally believe that getting you out of the comfort zone of your home base will enhance our time together.

The program cost is $37,500.We each pay our own travel & accommodation costs. As is the case with all my coaching programs, I do not offer and will not provide any refund. Once agreed and scheduled, our meeting location and date can only be rescheduled 21 days in advance or because of some personal emergency.

Two days together. Come prepared for serious conversation. This is not a trivial event in your life. It is my confident expectation that you will look back upon the time we spend together as being the turning point, that defining moment in time when it all began to cohere and your success story took shape.

Who is this program for? Obviously the cost of the program precludes anyone who has not already created a measure of financial success. More importantly, it also precludes anyone who cannot see the importance of investing time and money into their greater future success.

This program is for those who believe that they have a personal destiny and that they can shape that destiny. It is for those who understand that greater accomplishment and attainment is predicated upon the willingness to become more. It is for those who know that self-actualization is the reason that they are walking around on this planet. And, it is for those who know that definiteness of purpose and decisive action are what produces results.

There are many reasons why this is an important decision for you. The $37,500 monetary investment is the least important decision involved here. You need to decide if you are ready, willing and able to do the internal work to move to the next level. Then, you need to decide if I am the transformative agent that can impel you to that next level. I will not attempt to sell you on that capability beyond stating that I have dedicated the last quarter of a century of my life to empowering my fellow human beings.

I trust by now you have read at least these pages on this website: Meme Therapy, Coaching Overview, and Elevate Your Game.

Email me if you have questions. If you are truly serious about engaging me as your transformational agent, we can video chat.

Last words… I know a fellow coach who demands from any potential client that they first prove that they have at least $1 million dollars in personal net worth before he agrees to take them on as clients. I do not do that, but I do ask, if you ask me to have that introductory video chat, that you are affirming that you have the ability to invest $37,500 in yourself without breaking the bank. His $100,000 fee is for 12 monthly mastermind sessions with 6 to 8 other clients. Engaging me as your coach means you get my undivided personal attention.