Elevate Your Game

In the game of life, there are many types of players. I love tennis, so let’s use that as a metaphor.

Most tennis fans are audience members. Someone needs to buy the tickets that pay the professional players. You would probably not be on this page if you were just a member of the audience.

Many audience members at Grand Slam Tennis matches are themselves players, most being amateur players, weekend warriors.. These folks most likely do not have a coach. Perhaps they have taken a couple of lessons from the local tennis club pro.

Other audience members are themselves professional players that have not yet earned a place at the Grand Slam event. Most of those never will play at the level needed to gain entry to the top tier, but they still have a professional career that rewards them sufficiently so that they can do what they love without supplementing it with a job  they do just for the income. You know these players all receive coaching.

And, of course, you have the select few that are vying for the trophy and the million dollar prize money. They are really good at their game and they all have coaches. They know that without those coaches, they would not gain that extra edge.

And so it is in the game of life. The majority of folks are audience and are not even in the game. They watch it happen on TV. They cheer on the players, perhaps buy tickets to the live events, then buy t-shirts or hats to wear to show others that they were close to the action.

You are here because you are a player. What level do you want to play the game at?

Choosing a coach is an important decision. It is likely that you will need different coaches at different stages in your growth. When you are just starting out, you will need a coach to teach you the basics. When you have developed into a highly competent player, you will need a coach to help you hone the skills you have attained. When you are seeking mastery, you may need a coach to nudge you into peak performance.

It is also likely you need different coaches for different purposes. Maybe you need a coach to motivate you to work at becoming a better player. Maybe you need a coach to enhance the technical aspects of your game. Maybe you need a sports psychologist to assist with your mental game. Maybe you need a nutritional coach to ensure your body is capable of maximum performance.

If you have gotten this far into this sales copy, you probably agree that you need a coach and are attempting to decide if I am the right coach for you right now. Think of me as the sports psychologist. A Pro tennis player does not engage a sports psychologist because he considers himself to be mentally unfit, he hires a sports psychologist to become more fit. Maybe he only needs to tweak one little thing, but knows that ‘one little thing’ will make the difference.

Let’s get real… if you are looking seriously at investing $12,500 for twelve monthly two hour conversations with me, you are probably not looking for the basics or even the intermediate level of skill set development; you are looking for mastery or peak performance that results in winning that Grand Slam tournament or that Olympic Medal.

If you are looking for the fundamentals or enhanced performance levels to win at the game of life, I direct your attention to the resources I have made available for you at DelfinWorld.

If, however, you are at the decision point of choosing personal mastery of your game, then I believe that I can be of service to you with my one-on-one personal coaching.  It is up to you to decide if you resonate with me. You can read some of my thinking here. You can also email me with questions. If you are serious, we can have a video chat and you and I can both decide after that chat if we are a fit for each other and if either this Elevate Your Game $12,500 coaching program or the advanced  $37,500 Going For Gold program is what you need to take your game to the next level.

Thank you for your time and attention in reading to the end of this page. Many blessings to you.