Delfin International

logo-delfin-185x300DELFIN International Inc was founded in October of 1995 by Leslie Fieger for the purpose of marketing personal empowerment products.

The initial product was a book and a set of audio cassettes that was originally entitled The DELFIN System. It was inspired by and based on Charles Haanel’s seminal self-study program called The Master Key System. Over the years, that product also became known as The DELFIN Knowledge System. Today that original course is now a book called The Master Key and is sold through Lulu, Amazon and other online book retailers.

The second product introduced was a live 2-day seminar. The first seminar was held in December of 1995 in Long Beach, California. Eventually, the 2-day seminar evolved into a 3-day seminar. A seven day intensive event was also added. Over the next five years, seminars were held in Europe, North America and Australia.

The DELFIN Seminars changed the whole concept of personal empowerment seminars. The multi-sensory, high-tech environments created for these seminars enabled attendees to not only receive, process and retain more information than ever before, but, more importantly, to make a real and permanent personal transformation from creature consciousness to creator consciousness.

Leslie went on to write three new books, entitled The Initiation, The Journey and The Quest, which collectively became known as The DELFIN Trilogy. Each of these books was supplemented by audio CDs. The DELFIN Trilogy has been called “the most comprehensive personal empowerment product ever created”.

The DELFIN material has been used by tens of thousands of people all around the world to craft successful and fulfilling lives. The DELFIN Trilogy is now available as a single 724 page book and 18 hours of MP3 audio. See this page.

DELFIN International product sales have exceeded $80 million.

You can read more about Leslie’s books on this page.

Are you ready to be transformed? Metamorphosis awaits you.