Talking Your Story

Are you looking to amplify your success story?


I know how to do that. And, I am very good at it.

Here’s how it goes…

We spend half an hour chatting via Zoom Video.

We each then decide if we want to proceed with the 8 sessions

If the answer is yes, you send me $1,250.00 via Paypal. It is non-refundable. Your commitment to your success begins here. We then schedule eight one-hour sessions spread out over the next several weeks.

After we complete each session, you will need to complete certain assignments before the next session. This is a step-by-step systemic approach to the creation of success. You define your success story. I show you how to make it happen. The process is proven. Results are always greater than initially expected by my clients.

Peruse my website. If you resonate with what you find, and want to proceed, email me to schedule our initial exploratory chat.

lesliefieger @

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