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Get Your Mojo Working and Prosper Now

The real secret of success is here for you.

Prosperity Mojo is a proven technology that produces results 100% of the time.

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that you can create an abundant and fulfilling life as if by magic.

Prosperity Mojo awaits your decision to be empowered.

Still hoping some magic genie will grant your wishes?

Still waiting for your ship to come in?

Tired of struggling to create success?

Prosperity Mojo awaits your decision to be empowered.

If you really, truly desire to live your dreams, create success and
 actually put the Law of Attraction to work in your life,
Prosperity Mojo IS the course that will empower you to live your ideals.

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What is Prosperity Mojo?

The Prosperity Mojo course (book and workbook) guides you step-by-step through that exact same process that always produces real, tangible results.

The word mojo originally referred to a charm worn to cast a spell. In modern usage, it has come to mean many things. Depending on the context in which it is used, it can mean: attractiveness, skill, talent, sex-appeal, self-assuredness, self-confidence, coolness quotient or charisma.

According to the Urban Dictionary, it is “That quality, often elusive, that sets a person apart from everyone else. The word “magic” could, almost without exception, replace “mojo” in all of its contexts, sentences, and/or applications.”

Mojo is personal magnetism. It is being in the groove.

It is the aura of success. It is personal power. Mojo is energy. Mojo is magic.

However, as Arthur C. Clarke once wrote, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”The Prosperity Mojo course is personal empowerment technology. And, like all technologies, it is about using the right tools and specific techniques in order to create desired results as if by magic.


Whatever you can envision, Prosperity Mojo will empower you to create the results.

This is not simply some collection of motivational clichés; nor is it just another book about the power of positive thinking; nor is it some vague secret about manifesting wishes with the assistance of a genie in a magic lamp.

The Prosperity Mojo Course not only explains how and why things work the way they do to produce the results you end up experiencing, it also gives you the exact method you can apply in order to produce the results you would like to experience.

Prosperity Mojo may seem like magic to those who see the results produced by those who own it; but, it IS a very real technology that produces results 100% of the time.

This is a digital product. You will receive 2 downloadable PDF files via email. One is the complete course. The second is the personal workbook section that you may print out separately.  Only $325.00

2015-portrait-1-200x300Hi. My name is Leslie Fieger.

Many years ago, I decided that the purpose of my life is to revere, to relish and to contribute. How I go about honouring the sacred and how I go about relishing life is my personal way of being; but, how I go about contributing involves you.

My earnest and heartfelt desire is to see you prosper.

I have been blessed to have already made a positive difference in the lives of tens of thousands of people all around the world through my writings, live events and personal coaching.

Now that I am closer to the end of my life than I am to the beginning, my desire to leave a legacy of contribution is deeper than ever. To that end, I set out to create the absolute best personal empowerment product that could assist as many people as possible to live abundant, meaningful and fulfilling lives. Prosperity Mojo is the result of that intention.

The Prosperity Mojo course will empower you to create an abundant, fulfilling and contributory life. If you truly desire to have success, this curse will enable you to create that success.

You don’t need a magic lamp that produces a genie to grant your wishes. You can stop struggling and stop hoping that your ship will finally come in. All you need is to follow the step-by-step process outlined in Prosperity Mojo.

I am 100% certain that, if you complete the course as designed, you will receive outstanding results; your life will have a new-found purpose and meaning; each day will be filled with passion; and, you will be empowered to achieve a truly meaningful destiny of your own design.

The bottom line… I genuinely want to empower you. I earnestly believe this course will do that. I sincerely want you to prosper. I know this technology works. And, I am confident it can work for you too. I know you deserve to have the success you desire. I believe in you.

Are you ready to get your Mojo working?

If so, invest in your future and purchase Prosperity Mojo now.

Please note: As with all my coaching programs, your decision to purchase the Prosperity Mojo course is an irrevocable choice. No refund is offered or given.

What others say…

“Prosperity Mojo bridges the gap between the “seemingly esoteric” and what are often thought of as the more practical facets of life.

It not only provides the logic and reasoning behind “Why” doing what it conveys is important, it provides the “How”, in masterfully articulated and easy to understand detail to ensure that any “What” you aspire toward is transformed from a hope, wish, dream or desire into a tangible and measurable reality.

Prosperity Mojo IS the road map. Now it’s simply a matter of following the direction it provides to the letter, completing the steps and walking the path it guides you down.”
~ Chuck Danes, USA


“Prosperity Mojo is an extremely powerful personal development course. It contains all the key secrets to achieving prosperity, happiness and fulfillment in a person’s life. The course is not only fascinating, but also enjoyable too; beautifully illustrated throughout and containing many inspiring quotes.

Prosperity Mojo is the culmination of a carefully constructed process that Leslie perfected over many years through direct interaction with his many coaching clients. It contains powerful insights that will cause you to view reality in a different and far better way. Best of all, the process is very systematic, with definite steps and exercises to do. The overall effect is that if you go through the process and implement it in your life, you will see truly wonderful and lasting changes in all areas.”
~ Asoka Selvarajah PhD, USA