Most coaching programs are focussed on how to do the things that create success. They assist you in either doing things more effectively, or doing the right things, in order to produce desired results.

My coaching also includes specific suggestions about what to do to enhance the quality of your life. Let’s call them success habits. However, my primary focus is on how to assist you to become the person you both desire and deserve to be. We will deal with core values and core beliefs.

I work with you to assist you to become what you need to be in order to enact what needs to be done in order to attain what you desire to have. Your greater self-actualization is my goal.


To simplify the process we will go through together, I use the allegory of planning a journey from A to B. Call A where you are currently at and B where you desire to be. Both need to be defined and placed into context. You also need a map that shows you how to get from A to B.

  • Step 1 is to define B – where do you want to go?
  • Step 2 is to define A – where are you currently at?
  • Step 3 is to create The Map – step-by-step directions on how to get there from here.

We work on those three things together. You then follow the map we create.

I then act as your compass to help you see which direction you are headed.

This is very simple stuff. Strangely, in this journey through life, most people do NOT know where they are at, do NOT have a clear idea of where their chosen destination is actually located and do NOT have a map to follow (or stubbornly refuse to refer to a map they may have been provided). You will end up being very clear about it all. And, my compass needle is unwavering.

What I bring to the table…

  1. Confidentiality. I will not ever mention to anyone that you were a client and certainly never reveal any specifics of our conversations. You are free to tell others that you were my client. I appreciate referrals. I would ask that you do not, however, reveal the specifics of the process we go through together. Although that process varies from client to client, it is private and proprietary.
  2. Compassion. Although there is plenty of left-brain rational processes involved in the journey we will travel together, it is essentially a heart-centered undertaking. Even though I have enjoyed a fair amount of success in my life, I have also undergone considerable frustration, loss, failure, pain and travail in all aspects of my life. I can empathize with whatever you are going through. Your success is my success.
  3. Experience. This is more than a “been there, done that” boast or a validation of my coaching chops. Yes, I have enjoyed a wider range of life experiences than most folks and, consequently, the depth and width of those experiences provides me with perspective unavailable to those who have less experience and education. However, the experience of being a transformation agent in peoples’ lives for more than 20 years brings more than perspective; it enables me to bring proof-of-process to the table.

What you need to bring to the table…

  1. Commitment. Obviously, your up front payment of my fee is indicative of considerable commitment on your part. Showing up for our scheduled talks and fully participating in the various processes will require ongoing commitment on your part. The greater the commitment you bring, the greater the success you will enjoy.
  2. Willingness. To be willing has 2 connotations: the first is ‘ready to allow’ as in “I am willing to be helped; or “I am willing for this to happen.”; the second is ‘deliberate and intentional’ as in “I am using my will – I am willing this to happen.” You will be asked to do both: be willing to allow personal transformation to occur and to exercise your will in a deliberate way in order to take on new habits.
  3. Mindfulness. Being fully present during our time together is more than showing up on time for our sessions and more than the willingness to participate. It the recognition that we have entered into a dynamic and that this dynamic exists on both the material/physical plane and the ethereal/intangible plane. Being mindful creates vibrational harmony.