Choosing Empowerment


Each of us has this choice to make right now: a choice to remain subjugated or to become empowered. A choice to exist as a creature of event and circumstance, or to live as a creator of event and circumstance. Put another way, you have a choice to either live inside a story that offers you no real role other than bit player, or you can choose to write a new story in which you play an essential and vital role.

You live on a small planet orbiting one of billions of stars in an average galaxy that is one of billions of other galaxies in an unimaginably large universe. This universe has existed for almost 14 billion years. Your lifetime of less than a hundred years is, by comparison, briefer than the blink of an eye. Does that knowledge cause you to feel insignificant?

Or do you reflect on the fact that you can not only observe the universe you inhabit, but are at the very front edge of 13.8 billion years of its evolution. Do you see that your own awareness is actually the universe’s method of observing itself, of becoming self-aware? Can you conceptualize that when you gaze upon the universe, or even just your little neighbourhood, it is actually all contained within your imagination? You may exist within the universe, but it also exists within you.

Depending on the story you tell yourself, OR, the story you have been told and have bought into, you are either a mere meaningless mote in an incredibly old, large and indifferent universe; or you are a crucial element in a magical, meaningful and purposeful cosmos. What story are you invested in?

This moment is your choice point. What you choose will determine how the story turns out.

Every thinking person knows we live in critical times.

Although we exist in a wondrous time of truly remarkable advances in science and technology, and our understanding about the nature of the universe we inhabit is expanding exponentially, we also live in a precarious time filled with problems of our own creation.

These are only a few of the many problems we face:

  • Environmental degradation that threatens the health of the planet and our own survival.
  • Rampant pathological consumerism that fuels resource depletion and waste production.
  • Out of control capitalism that pursues profits, sacrifices ethics and treats people as cogs in the machine: grunt workers; compliant consumers; cannon fodder.
  • Amoral corporatism that feeds the war machine, destroys communities, cultures and ecosystems in the quest for ever greater power and control.
  • Political systems so corrupted that they no longer serve people and instead work to make people compliant to artificial and inhumane ideologies.
  • Poisons in our food, water and air that are creating epidemic levels of sick children, diabetes, cancer and immune system deficiencies of all kinds.
  • Mind numbing entertainment and news media manipulation designed to dumb down the population and to create psychological and spiritual disconnect from nature and the cosmos in order to foster individual disempowerment and existential despair.

The result is that…

Many people feel powerless in the face of so many problems.

There are masses of people too numb, dumb or apathetic to even acknowledge the aforementioned problems, let alone actively work toward solutions. Many others who recognize the problems and would like to do something feel powerless, overwhelmed by the scope and complexity of the problems we face. And yet, there is hope. More and more people are becoming awake, aware and active. And, these people care enough about the future to, not only make personal changes, but work at system change.

Every caring person wants to contribute to solutions and to help create a peaceful and prosperous future.

The internet is awash with blogs and social media posts, decrying the problems and suggesting solutions. There are a growing number of websites that present new ways to perceive and think about things, new ways to do things, new ways to live and be creative and contributory and new ways for you to be empowered.

The rise of transformative narratives like sacred economics and conscious evolution and spiritual ecology, and the growing number of diverse groups of activists like Buddhists, Bioneers, animal rights organizations, peace groups and Indigenous communities all around the world coming together is evidence that we are learning to see things in a more comprehensive and compassionate way and then, finding ways to be more actively and creatively contributory.

The solutions will come from personal empowerment.

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”
~ Albert Einstein

Imagine having a deep inner knowing of your true self. Imagine having a full understanding of your creative potential. Imagine having access to a deeper level of consciousness than the normal day-to-day waking state. Imagine being in a state of interconnectivity with the cosmos itself. Imagine having a clear blueprint to build what you hold ideal in mind and dear in heart. Imagine being empowered.

Real things you can do now to make a real difference.

  • First, you have to recognize that the system is broken and that the system itself is the main causative force of the multitude of problems we face. You need to arrive at the conclusion that it needs to be radically transformed and not merely patched up. Tweaking a system that has caused our problems will not fix our problems. The traditional mechanisms of power are incapable of fixing the problems they have created, even if they were willing to do so. Only a new way of thinking and acting will create the necessary transformation needed to solve things.
  • Then you have to recognize that your active participation in the system is what enables it to continue creating the problems; and then decide to withdraw your support. Opt out, not by ignoring things, but by refusing to buy into the propaganda and refusing to buy, buy, buy.
  • Mindless consumerism drives the machine. Mindful consumption will transform the system. Be conscious. Consume nutritious food. Consume nutritious media. Consume only what you need. Stop buying into ideas and beliefs that do not serve you. Stop buying into the story that disempowers you.
  • Work on you. Be empowered. Learn to think independently. Learn to think creatively. Learn to live independently. As the current system undergoes radical transformation, there will be difficulties. The more self-reliant you are, the easier the transition will be for you. The more self-aware you are, the more you will be able to create a new story and a new world.
  • Opt out of the mass mind control of your cultural memes. Reduce or eliminate your television addiction. Stop watching the television news. Recognize that it is mostly propaganda. Recognize that much of what passes for entertainment is actually entrainment = entertrainment: TV programming that programs you. It steals your time and impairs your ability to think clearly. It enrolls you in the old story, the story of your enslavement to the system.
  • Invest in your own empowerment. Stop investing time, energy, belief and money in stories that do not serve you or serve to create the kind of future you’d like to live in or bequeath to your children. Invest in experiences that enrich your life. Invest your time and energy into being creative and contributory.
  • Educate yourself and inform others. Share what you discover as you journey into independence from the system. Write your own Declaration of Independence. Share or create ideas that empower others. The more people who are awake, aware and active increases the odds of humanity surviving and thriving; and reduces the odds that the transition from our current destructive system to something different will be traumatic.
  • Find or build communities of like-minded people. Connect with those who are awake, aware and active. Begin creating transformative narratives that empower others. Share them.
  • Meditate. Get out into nature. Find a way to be at peace within yourself. Find a way to connect to your greater self. Then, ask… Who am I? Why am I here? What kind of world do I want to live in? What can I do to help create that world? Then, get off your butt and start doing that. Start telling yourself and others a new story. Become an active part of a new transformative narrative. Do It Now. Choose empowerment. Get your mojo working.

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