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The tale of a teenage girl who encounters the mythological dragon hidden away in a cave beneath the active volcano, Arenal.

Adventures ensue as Alexandra explores the splendors of Costa Rica and as Pythos, the dragon, takes Alex on an even more exciting adventure… the exploration of the mysteries and meaning of life. A story of myth and magic.


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Let’s imagine a beginning…

It happened to be during summer vacation when Alexandra encountered her dragon.

Now, most people do not believe in dragons. Alexandra had never given the subject any thought and had held no opinion, one way or another, about fire-breathing, winged reptiles. If she had been asked, however, she would probably have said no. After all, she had left behind the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus beliefs some years before.

It is, however, impossible to remain a disbeliever when one of these scaly beasts of myth invites itself into your life. That was just what happened to her. One day, while Alexandra was minding her own business, a dragon just showed up.

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