Each of my books has its own descriptive page that you can get to by clicking on the individual book covers pictured below:

delfin trilogy

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Everything I write, whether it is these listed books or the articles and blog posts contained in this website, is designed to empower you and, in some way, to enrich your life. Many thousands of people from all walks of life and from all around the world have found value in my contributions. It is my hope that you will too.

Not pictured above is the journal I created for those who know the power that keeping a journal can bring to your life. You can access it here.


Also not listed above is my latest work, which is entitled Prosperity Mojo. Get your mojo working and prosper now!

The Prosperity Mojo course is personal empowerment technology. And, like all technologies, it is about using the right tools and specific techniques in order to create desired results. The personal empowerment technology in this course is based on a lifetime of personal study and decades of teaching through books, seminars and personal coaching. I know it produces results. I have both experienced and witnessed these seemingly magical results. Click on banner.

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