A Matter of Perspective


How we see things determines our vision of ourselves.

Once upon a time, say between the destruction of the Library of Alexandria and the European Renaissance, most folks viewed the Earth as the centre of the Universe and imagined that the sun, moon, planets and stars revolved around the Earth. This was called geocentric model. Some folks still think of stars as holes in the firmament surrounding Earth where the light of heaven shines through.

Then, from the 16th century through to the beginning of the 20th century, people generally conceived of the Universe as heliocentric – that is that the sun was the centre of Universe and that the Earth and other planets along with the stars revolved around the sun. This was conceived as the sun sitting still in space and the planets on a more or less flat plane orbiting the sun. Many people still have this version in mind, if and when they think of Universe.

That evolved early in the previous century to seeing the Central Sun of our Milky Way galaxy as being the centre of the Universe and our Solar system as being near the rim of the one and only galaxy in existence. This singular galaxy slowly rotated and we (our solar system) moved along in place as it all turned. Kind of like hanging on to the edge of a massive merry-go-round.

Building bigger and better telescopes throughout the 20th century enabled us to see that there are other galaxies. Andromeda being the first discovered. Eventually, later last century, the Hubble telescope showed us that there are, in fact, billions of other galaxies containing trillions of stars.

Our cosmology is still developing. Our perspective is evolving. Scientists talk of a multi-verse and bubble universes and multiple dimensions. Black holes are imagined as singularities spawning other child universes.

I present the following videos to give you a better perspective of the amazing journey that we are undertaking. While you watch these spectacular mind altering videos, I want you to ponder this idea: you can have the perspective that you are just one of 7 billion human beings existing and contained within a Universe of your conceptualization, whether geocentric, heliocentric, galactic-centric or essentially infinitely expanding; OR, you can come to the realization that no matter how limited or expansive your conceptualization of Universe may be, it is all, nevertheless, contained within your own mind.

Many people think of vision as something we do with our eyes. I prefer to think of vision as something we do with our minds.

It is a pretty wondrous journey.

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” ~ Carl Jung

Revere. Relish. Contribute.

Much love, Leslie


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