68 Years Young


Today is my 68th birthday and I am reflecting back on previous birthdays and all that I have been blessed to have experienced and to have been enabled to contribute to my fellow travellers on this great adventure called Life on Planet Earth. It is my bEarthday.

I feel truly blessed. Somehow, I must have gained some good karma. Not just because of all the birthday wishes I have received from so many people all around the world; but also because recently, an old friend gifted me with an amazing present.

It all started when he sent me a short 2 minute video/commercial. After I had watched it and slept on it, I woke up to the enormity of what I had been gifted. In my 68 years of walking around on this planet, I have never seen an opportunity so unique, so enormous and with such perfect timing.

And, I have done a lot in my 68 years. I have spent time in 40 different countries, visited over 250 cities, zoned out in Zen Temples in Japan, stayed in Ashrams in India, lived with aboriginals in Australia, done sweat lodges and ceremony with Native Americans, slept well in five star resorts, cheap motels, leaky tents and jail cells. I have spent time on over 500 beaches and enjoyed a cold beer at more than 1,000 beach bars around the world. I have also logged about 1,000 scuba dives in various parts of the world. I have written books, articles and blog posts that have been read by more than 1 million people all around the world. I have created businesses that have produced more than $100 million in sales.

I tell you these things not to brag; BUT to emphasize that, despite all that experience, I firmly believe that what I now have in my hands is the best thing that has ever been gifted to me and will provide me with both the best experiences and the best opportunity to make a difference on this planet. Can you imagine how I feel? I am ALIVE. I am not on cruise control. I am standing with both feet on the gas pedal of the fastest car in a Formula One race.

Can you imagine having in your hands the opportunity to make money with the BEST product in the entire exploding wearable device industry (predicted to be worth $612 Billion by 2024)? That is what I have in my hands.

Can you imagine having the best opportunity in ALL of Network Marketing (a $162 Billion per year industry)? Open for business in 195 countries. No competing products. A product that was voted the BEST product in all of Network Marketing. That is what I wear on my wrist. And so far, only 1 million have been sold.

Can you imagine being part of a company that created 10% of the top income earners in the ENTIRE half century history of Network Marketing in its first 18 months, including an 18 year old who became the youngest $million earner in the industry. That is what I have in my hands.

Can you imagine being part of a global tribe of committed people who call themselves World Changers and who represent a company that publicly states that they are motivated by love? That is the gift I was given.

Can you imagine having the opportunity to share that gift with other people? To inspire their dreams? To give them a chance to enrich their own lives as mine has been enriched?

Maybe you can understand my passion? Can you imagine how I must feel knowing that I am a part of something that is about to transform the lives of ordinary people allowing them to live extraordinary lives? Can you?

So many people my age are settled into cruise control. In fact, many people of any age are settled into settling for a life of limitations and reasonable expectations. They don’t dare to dream big dreams. Maybe they do not even believe that they deserve to have a bigger, bolder, better life. Let me repeat… I am not on cruise control. I am standing with both feet on the gas pedal of the fastest car in a Formula One race.

Do you want to come along for the ride? Reach out. Not only can you do this with me. You do actually deserve to own this gift as well.

If you have any doubts,,, think about this… that 18 year old who became a millionaire in one short year and this 68 year old who is fully embracing the future with the passion of an 18 year old who has just fallen in love for the first time.

All it takes is your decision to believe in yourself and believe in your dreams and to shed the weight of self-imposed limitations and the constraints of societal group think. Break free. Claim your destiny. Create the future. Connect with me.

Become a World Changer


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Leslie is the author of several books including the world-famous DELFIN Trilogy (The Initiation, The Journey, The Quest), Alexandra’s DragonFire, The Master Key and Your Prosperity Paradigm. His many articles about success creation have been published on hundreds of websites.

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